Public Figures Terminated For alerting the Masses to The Jew World Order


Compiled by Miss V

No public figure is too prominent to extinguish. Speaking out about the NWO agenda, or performers that have signed their souls to the Satanist entertainment industry can result in their murder or being suicided.

Abraham Lincoln – US President assassinated by a ‘lone gunman’.

Aldo Moro – Italian PM, kidnapped and murdered by CIA’s ‘stay-behind army’

Benazir Bhutto – Pakistan President died in bombing but was double crossed by Mossad who she had asked to protect her.

Bill Hicks – painfully talented comedian who exposed the nature of reality, common sense and getting people to think outside of the box/matrix.

Bob Marley – musician promoting peace, love and emancipation.

Brandon Lee – Bruce Lee’s son, killed on set by an ‘accidental bullet’ being fired into his torso. The Lee boys were both of Royal lineage, the Illuminati appear to enjoy father/son sacrifices.

Bruce Lee – master of martial arts and philosopher who also promoted self-awareness and consciousness.

David Carradine – died of another popular celebrity activity ‘auto-erotic asphyxiation’. His actor friend Randy Quaid who has spoken out publicly against the Hollywood Elite and their ‘Star Whackers’, maintains Carradine also fell to Illuminati blood sacrifice. Quaid and his wife claim they have lost 8 actor friends to the ‘Star Whackers’, the mainstream media are naturally ridiculing them and pegging them as insane.

Dr David Kelly – Weapons of Mass Destruction inspector suicided – slashed his own wrists in the woods, even though he wasn’t depressed. He exposed the truth that there were no WMD in Iraq therefore an illegal and unfounded war was raged there.

George Carlin – painfully talented comedian who exposed to US citizens they are tax cattle and therefore slaves of the United States Corporation of America.

Heath Ledger – alleged ‘overdose’. Anyone that saw his performance in The Imaginarium of Dr Pernassus and are wise to freemasonry and the cabal’s love of symbology and numerology, will recognise that film is just dripping in dark occultism and cryptocracy.

Hugo Chavez – Venezuelan President Mossad/CIA cancer ‘victim’.

General Carlos Prats Gonzoles – Vice President of Chile, another victim of ‘Israel’s sacred terrorism’.

Indira Ghandi – Indian PM assassinated by 2 ‘lone gunmen’ – she resumed the Indian anti-Israeli rhetoric.

Jack Ruby – long time friend of Lee Harvey Oswald, shot his friend publicly then died 6 weeks later from cancer.

Jill Dando – British newsreader assassinated by ‘lone gunman’ – the only witness was her then fiancé who is now Obstetrician and Gynaecologist to the Royal family (delivered Kate Middleton’s baby). Barry George was convicted as being the ‘lone gunman’ but has been released from prison, being refused compensation. Was Jill about to blow the lid on the celebrity/MP Paedophile ring?

John F Kennedy – US President assassinated by a ‘lone gunman’. Listen to his speech that signed his death warrant:

John Lennon – musician  assassinated by ‘lone gunman’. He promoted free thinking, love, unity, and spoke out about the New World Order.

Lawrence Patton McDonald – American congressman who spoke out against the New World Order and died within a few months of  doing so.

Lee Harvey Oswald – CIA operative and patsy. Framed for JFK assassination. His lover at that time, Judith May Baker, was a CIA scientist who had developed cancer as a murder weapon.

Mahatma Gandhi – Peace activist/spiritual assassinated by a ‘lone gunman’.

Malcolm X – Civil Rights Activist, assassinated by ‘lone gunman’.

Michael Jackson – singer/performer exposed Jewish power and divisive conduct within the music industry. All of Jackson’s handlers throughout his career were Jews.

Milton William Cooper – anti-Illuminati activist died in ‘police shoot out’.

Mohammed Sidique Khan, Shehzad Tanweer, Hasib Hussain, Germaine Lindsay – all Muslim patsies blamed for the 7/7 London Terror Attacks.

Olof Palme – Swedish PM who was pro-Palestinian, assassinated by ‘lone gunman’.

Peaches Geldolf – Sir/Saint Bob & Paula Yates’ daughter. Days before Peaches ‘overdose’ she had been tweeting the names of the mothers who had given their baby daughters up to paedophile Ian Watkins, Lost Prophets frontman. Why is Sir Bob surrounded by so much death? Why was he and Bono congratulating NWO war criminals Blair & Bush at the 2005 G8 Summit if they are so concerned with starving Africa? Why is Sir Bob the frontman for smartmeters that are being pushed on us as ‘green’ when we all know they are deadly? Why did Paula call him ‘untouchable’?!

Philip Seymour Hoffman – another ‘overdose’, too many cabalist numbers surround the actor’s death, the date he died, his date of birth, the number of heroin bags found in his apartment, the list too endless to all be coincidental.

Pope John I – spoke out for a New World Order and was still dead within 33 days of doing so.

Princess Diana – Ex-wife of Prince Charles. Born a Rothschild, she refused to play the game of dumb royal, and worked tirelessly to expose the land mine industry and the Palestine situation. She predicted her own death perpetrated by her husband and his people (MI6), by car crash and severe head injury.

Lest we forget Diana’s lover Dodi al-Fayed, and chauffeur Henri Paul also died in the fatal crash.

Rhajiv Ghandi – Indian PM who shut down Israeli arms trade for India. Assassination blamed on Islamist ‘suicide bomber’ aka Mossad/CIA.

Robert F Kennedy –  JFK’s brother, assassinated by a ‘lone gunman’.

Many deaths of famous people are attributed to Illuminati sacrifice on the web. Some are extremely tenuous and I have omitted many names here because it is imperative we do not get dragged in to the ridiculousness of it all. The Jew World Order try to steer and pollute everything and everybody – the trick is to not engage in their mind games.

For each hour you spend researching their agenda and humanity’s great problem, ensure you spend 5 hours focussing on solutions. We have no time to waste and they have rigged the game to get us perpetually distracted with the problems they create.

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  1. Gen. George Patton, US Army, realized we’d fought the wrong enemy and that “US leaders” were allowing the Jewish Bolsheviks to seize half of Europe. Wanted to attack the USSR. Car crash and some follow up work while he was in hospital.

    John Kennedy, Jr. – charismatic son of JFK.

    Sen. Huey Long – populist leader who threatened FDR. FDR would steal and bastardize Long’s social reform ideas and instead of helping the common man who create huge new bureaucracies to fill with communist Jews.

  2. Jewnited States of Amurka

     /  March 3, 2015

    Jewish, atheist, mafia, thug, Religious, ……………..etc. It’s 2015 and we are going backwards again because of corruption, incompetence, imperialism,
    religion and monopolies designed to exploit and enslave us. You cannot pay your “Owners” “Masters” what they claim you owe. If you serve idols you lose your inherent God given rights and

    Do not be deceived by wolves in sheep’s clothing. Bureaucracy, lies, deception, endless war / profiteering, technological oppression, depopulation, hysteria, illness induced for profits, incompetence, lack of empathy, NO public servants (instead greedy psychopaths, sociopaths, tyrants, assassins, hate, resentment for truth, outright lies, tension, discontent, hostility)

    They have eliminated many already. As their body count grows with each passing day, and they push the envelope of pathology and psychopathy, their own odds and luck dwindle.

    I will pray for you all. I sincerely hope that you are well and are not too oppressed/subjugated by the perpetrators of domination, corruption, and oppression.

    I hope that doom is not inevitable. I pray that we can change the course of our own History. Best wishes and regards. A concerned victim, guinea pig, target, and US citizen.

  3. Jewnited States of Amurka

     /  March 3, 2015

    One more thing. They called my experimentation mind control. It was a series of bad luck, mental abuse, chemical injections, designed to split your personality. I’m still being attacked to this day, while the perpetrators walk free.

    What is important to note, is that although they prefer to call this a Government program or experiments, many times they are fully aware of the damage that their poisons, chemicals, inoculations will cause. In my case their “experiment” was actually just payback designed to destroy me. They had evil intentions, and there was nothing experimental about it. In essence, they just prescribed me with injections that they already were aware would cause severe medical problems.

    This was “punishment” for a psychopaths entertainment, and revenge and henceforth cannot be classified as an experiment. They started when I was a small child and deliberately attempted to sabotage, undermine, psychologically destroy me any way possible.

    Call that a Program, or an experiment if it makes you feel better, but this amounts to privilege and abuse. It requires collusion on a massive scale. It requires human blood and sacrifice to sustain itself. If we are in the end times it’s because of corruption, unethical experiments, false religious teachers, privilege, slavery, medical malfeasance, etc.

    If I knew a man (sociopath/tyrant)was going to deliberately harm you, I would never call it a program. Instead I would call it a moral / ethical conflict of interest. The trouble with privileged psychopaths and sociopaths is that they believe that they are entitled. No surprise then that we should find ourselves living in an Orwellian nightmare and police state.

    Good luck to you anyways.


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