If you …..


….talk about what is going on in this messed up world

– you are an extremist


….seek and share the Truth

– you are an irrational anti-Semite


….dare to speak out about the ubiquitous corruption in every level of government 

– you are a radical militant  


….even mention the blatantly obvious mass migration of non-Whites into White countries 

– you are a racist*


….if you organise a local meeting to discuss methods for social reform

– you will be labelled an agent of sedition 


….hint that perhaps the history we have been taught is wrong and maybe Hitler wasn’t the evil tyrant we all have been led to believe

– you are a far right Nazi sympathiser


….you disagree with the enforced diversity employment polices, working against indigenous populations

– you are a hate-filled bigot


….attempt to speak up about the anti-social behaviour of the police, courts, local councils and social services

– you are deemed anti-social


….speak out about the normalisation and promotion of homosexuality in society

– you are a homophobe


….demonstrate against the annihilation of innocent peoples through illegal wars

– then you are a dissident 


….express your distaste about the sexualisation of children in entertainment

– you are non-progressive



Those of us who dare to speak the Truth, will face nothing but ridicule, slander and injustice from these pedlars of evil.


* the term racist was coined by the Bolshevist Jew Trotsky. Who happened to be an evil, murdering racist himself. This term is more mind control to instil guilt on White people for standing up for their cultural heritage. 

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  1. Matthew/Boston

     /  February 25, 2015

    “Homophobe” was always somewhat clever propaganda. Phobia means fear, and a fear might suggest irrational thinking or worry that it might be in you. Maybe much of the public in reality doesn’t fear it, just doesn’t like, or agree with, or condone it.


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