Exponential potential




1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128 – exponential.


This is the word our adversaries loathe. Because this is our winning formula. This is our potential for success.

Dave shares the Truth with Sarah and Martin, Sarah then passes the Truth with Peter and Jane and Martin tells Mike and Simon. Peter then goes on to tell Claire and John, whilst Jane tells Adrian and Elaine. At the same as Mike tells Adam and Josh and Simon tells Rick and Colin ….and on and on it multiplies. This is not a lineal affair, it is exponential Truth sharing.

This is what the big boys do not want. Yet it is inevitable. It is natural. It is organic. Like a plant or tree develops, so will the Truth exponential grow.

That is why it is essential to ACTIVELY spread the Truth to as many people as you can. Make it your day’s objective. Set targets for yourself to network the Truth, like you would a business. Say to yourself “Right, today, I will try and wake up at least three people.” or “Before I go home tonight, I will have spoken to at least two people about the Truth.”

Because if you write down websites and films for people and they themselves may not necessarily be interested; these people could potentially be stepping stones. They could pass this information to someone else who could really run with. And they in turn pass it on to someone else who could be a devotee to the Truth, somebody who is a leading light in the movement.

So please, from now on look at everyone as potential. Every soul you meet, is a potential future Truther; no matter how comatised they may appear.

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