Dry Kindling


Three evenings – that’s all it took for somebody I recently met to wake up to this conspiracy.

That’s all it took for somebody I shared the Truth with to ‘get it’ – three evenings to work out the scam. In total about 9 hours and they sussed out the basics. I accept this doesn’t happen that often. And I also know they will need at least another three months of intense searching before they get the fundamentals. But at least the fire has ignited. And this it is an example of the potential of how easily this flame can be lit. This individual is in her 60s; so that is sixty+ years of propaganda and in just three evenings she has undone most of BS she has been subjected to.

And this not as rare as it once was. It’s like the kindling has always been saturated with propaganda, but now the kindling is drying out, and becoming more and more prepped to ignite.

In the past I have expressed with frustration how difficult it is to share the Truth; especially with people who are close to you. However, of late I am finding it increasingly easier. Not easy, but easier. Have you noticed how people at least listen to you now(?) Have you noticed how that smirk is not there so much when you impart the Truth(?) The tangible difference in peoples’ responses from say a year ago.

Not only are more people waking up, but they are ‘getting it’ faster. What took the likes of me years to comprehend; these newcomers are getting in weeks. It really is incredible. I have never experienced anything like this. I can pretty much guarantee that at the end of each week, I will have met 6-8 people who are open to the Truth. Plus many of these people are thirsty for the Truth. Things are looking up my friends.

Of course I have been pondering why it is becoming easier. And these are the five reasons I have come up with:


1/. Curiosity through adversity 

People are finding life hard and their in-built curiosity system is beginning to kick in. People want to know why are they struggling more than ever. Why is their environment being swamped with foreigners – foreigners running all their shops, taking most of their jobs? In general – why is life so hard now? Why is it such a struggle? Why is life just a series of dot-to-dot worries – constant worries? Why is there so much fear around? Where is the good times and the relaxed fun we used to have? Where is our culture gone? Why is their such an oppressive atmosphere now? And who is behind all this adversity.


2/. Big brov is telling them

They are picking up indirectly from the main stream media about anti-Semitism and legislative ‘hate’ laws and attacks on free speech. Their subconscious minds, or intuition really knows big brother is constantly lying to them, and has lied to them their entire lives. Even though on the surface they deny it and conform to big brother. But deep down, they know that there is an alternative. So when someone comes along these days and says “Hey, have you heard this alternative view?” They are tempted to at least listen. So indirectly the main stream media, through their desperation to hold onto their deception, is inadvertently spreading the Truth for us. Just look at the speech David Cameron gave informing us all that israel did 9-11 [see video below]


3/. Subconscious prepping

Most people have got access to the internet now. And even though they may not yet be searching for Truth directly, they will be picking up snippets here n there. Either through stumbling across David Icke type videos, or friends sending them clips on some of the symptoms of this agenda. So they’re indirectly obtaining the Truth and gradually getting an inkling that something ain’t right with the information they have been fed. So again, subconsciously they are being prepped for the Truth.


4/. We’re getting better at imparting the Truth

We’re just more experienced at delivering the Truth. We’ve made all the mistakes in the past, so now we’re better at sussing out who would be more receptive to the Truth. We are conscious and subconscious people-watchers now. We have a kind of sixth sense in who to approach and who not to approach. We also are wised up to our environments – in that we know when and where to share the Truth. Before our enthusiasm would just dive in head first without thinking about whether the time and place were appropriate, but now we can pitch it more carefully, more sensitively.

We are also far better at our delivery, in that we know what not to say, more than what to say. We can weave around conversations, responsive to negative feedback and know how to pitch the topic of Truth to each personality type. We also are more disciplined to hold back information, not to blast people with too much info at once. It’s just experience, after many many mistakes we can deliver the Truth smoother in a more subtle, controlled, confident manner. Hence a better response.


5/. Spiritual awakening

Perhaps there really is a consciousness awakening?? I don’t know if this is just new age talk, and just one of those social engineering memes that we repeat. But I am open to this concept more than ever now. I really do think something spiritually is happening to us collectively on a global scale.


These are just guesses of course, but it could be a culmination of all of these and more. But it is good news for us and bad news for these tyrants.

I really do think that they know it’s game over for them. No matter what they do. Even if they do convert the internet into a non-Truth format; it will be too late, because the cat’s now out of the etheric bag. The numbers are in their tens of millions who know about their game plan. An unprecedented time in history. The Truth has gone global. It’s just a race now – us spreading the Truth to new blood vs them trying to enforce their will on us before enough of us rise up.



Our freedom is just there, ready for us to snatch hold of. 

All we have to do, is make the effort and grab hold of it.



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  1. Nice, Digger, very nice. I had a couple of people approach me recently when they saw my tee-shirt about the banking scam. The first came out with “the Illuminati” and I’d gone the full distance with him in about 20 minutes. He knew enough about the banking scam. The second fellow was very excited talking about the money scam, but lost his bottle (that’s the expression, no? or is it bottled. was never quite sure) when I moved on to 9/11.

    Think a tee shirt is a great tool. Draws those who think they know and can help wake up those who are clueless. Carrying a short handout or dvds is a big plus.

    • Good man. The T-shirt is an excellent hook. Especially when you can back up what you say with DVDs. I wear a Palestine badge sometimes. That can be quite antagonistic though.

      It’s bottle by the way 🙂

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Billy

     /  February 26, 2015

    Good for you Digger. As for me…….I’m surrounded by lemmings and Sheeple. The other day I casually commented to 3 fellows that I was walking with as to the strange horizon to horizon white lines in the sky. I mentioned that those were purposely sprayed aerosols releasing Aluminum, Barium and Strontium to effect the weather and toxify our air. Days later my mates were mocking me and the “weather”. So I said “OK let me just ask you 3 simple questions” “Did man walk on the moon?, did 19 Arabs with box cutters pull of 9/11?, and do you think those lines are normal jet contrails?” 3 yeps from 3 sheep was the answer I received. The horrifying part of all this for me is that this is the “normal” response that I almost always get from such inquires. If these 3 slobs can’t even figure out simple lies like the above, how are they EVER going to understand that almost everything that they think they know is a lie? A great big JEWBAG lie. I sure hope that what you are experiencing will soon be the new normal.

    • I totally understand what you are going through Billy. I get good days and terrible days. Sometimes you think ….what is the point in all this effort. Just listening to the conversation on the bus is enough to want to top yourself :-). But it’s those occasional good days which we must cling to. Keep at it Billy – I know you will; and you will the magic about to happen.

      Perhaps ask them “Where are you getting your opinions from?” “Can you see the difference between passively obtaining information form the main stream [who have lied to us all our lives]; and gaining information independently?” I don’t know if that would help. But couldn’t you just slap them.

      Thanks for commenting. Thanks for doing what you do for the Truth.


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