4 Hours


Points of Focus towards our Freedom

[not necessarily in order of importance]


1/. Get Jew-wise

Do your homework. Become informed about the world you live in and the artificial reality foisted upon us. Study the subject of the Truth. Dare to go to uncomfortable and ugly areas of the Truth. Be mindful of the endless distractions and distraction a-gents. And keep seeking the Truth. However, don’t just make that your lifetime pastime. This is not a hobby. We have to do something about this serious situation……hence number 3/.

Please encourage others to do likewise


2/. Get angry

Get pissed off. Really pissed that you have been lied to big time, your entire live. Get angry that your potential has been stolen from you – that you could be living in bliss, absolute paradise had it not been for these predators on society. Get angry that they have got you to slave for them – and yet that is not good enough, as they will still steal everything from you. Get angry that they are destroying and murdering innocent people, animals, nature, your loved ones, your race and heritage. Become outraged. Then convert that energy into positive constructive exercises towards fighting this beast.

Please encourage others to do likewise


3/. Spread the Truth OUTSIDE THE CHOIR

It really has to be new blood. Done actively with lots of effort, not casually. Make a pact with yourself that you’ll try to inform 2 new people per day about the Truth (as a minimum). It is essential we are proactive as Truth-sharers, not just Truth-seekers (spectators). Distribute leaflets, stickers, burn DVDs/CDs, printed articles, etc. And when talking to others about the Truth; hold your head up high whilst doing so. Deliver the Truth with confidence, but without arrogance. You are in the right. You are doing a worthy action.

Please encourage others to do likewise


4/. Try to clean up

Try hard and resist the judaic poisons in our lives: booze, drugs, junk food, gambling, pornography, along with a degenerative and sloth behaviour. Try hard and become self-disciplined, stronger, healthier, martial/warrior-like. Try and build up your self worth. You deserve better. You have the sense of value to defend yourself and your loved ones. Bye bye to the the victim mentality. Bye bye to any defeatism. Clean up and pure up for this spiritual battle.

Please encourage others to do likewise


5/. Resist

Time to brave up. Try to resist this tyranny in lots of little ways. I know it isn’t easy, but try to be a naughty serf. Be awkward as much as you possibly can. Whatever big brother orders you to do, question authority, resist it. Dare to be non-acquiescent as much as you can get away with.

Please encourage others to do likewise


6/. Duplicate the Truth

Prepare now for the day when they totally suppress the Truth. Print up as many articles as you can on a variety of Truth subjects. Store them safely in plastic sleeves and air-tight containers and in secret locations for prosperity. Perhaps even store your Truth stash in a special fire-prove vault. Burn films and documentaries onto DVDs. Record audios onto CDs. Purchase original DVDs of films such as ‘The Greatest Story Never Told‘. Start building up a personal Truth library (see ‘Recommended Reading’ page below).

Please encourage others to do likewise


7/. I-magi-ne (eye-magic = visualisation magic).

Literally plan our future and world we want to live in through imagination and intent. Literally thinking out the future we want. Like a gardener would plan a landscape gardening project, or an architect would visualise a construction project. This is way before the drawing level. This is even before drafting out sketches. Visions in the mind of the gardener and architect are the first stage before they are even drafted out in sketch form. We have to learn this area of focused visionary. Physically spending the time to create accurate visualisation techniques for the precise solutions we are looking for.

Study this subject of visualisation. Set 10 minutes aside each day to sit down quietly and visualise solutions. Try not to let your mind wonder. This is focused meditation exercise for our success. If your mind wonders, keep bringing back to the exercise. Train it like a puppy. Focus on specific areas such as:

  • incarcerating all of the criminals and traitors implementing this system
  • elimination of all environmental poisons in society: cleansing of foods, water, and return to nature
  • Truth to emanate throughout society – in education and media
  • a more compassionate, loving world to those who deserve it, with justice for the people
  • a return to a natural, spiritual-based way of living, with a direct relationship between mother earth and her natural elements

Please encourage others to do likewise



In essence – prioritise what really is important right now in this unprecedented time in history. Please, devote your time, energy, skills and resources to the Truth. There really is nothing more important right now. Reduce the time you spend on your work, hobbies and and sports. Because everything is secondary compared to this battle we have on our hands. We are at war, therefore we need a war-like mindset. We must remind ourselves that our enemy is putting 100% effort into our demise……and that is why they have their successes. With millions of us now awake, we have to capitalise on this momentum.

Please, make a personal commitment to dedicate a minimum of 4 hours every week towards solutions to this tyranny. 

This is beyond the hours you spend browsing. But four hours of doing tangible things towards resolving this mess. Four hours of activism. Four hours of resistance. Four hours of serving the good cause.


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  1. Excellent piece, Digger. The Protocols are explicit: nothing is more dangerous to the them than personal initiative.

    The “comedy” programs and movies are endless repetition of the it’s cool to not care b.s.

    Had a young women in a car call out, “I know, but we’re fucked”. I wasn’t quick enough to reply, “Darling, get pissed off. We NEED you do get off your arse.” Something along those lines to counteract the insititutionalized malaise they’ve spread.

  2. It is so easy to get lost in the fog of it all. My time spent online is a blitz of information about new encroachments on us daily. It becomes overwhelming, confusing, hard to know what action one could take. One gets locked up and becomes effectively disabled, I wonder if that also isn’t a tactic.

    Sometimes you just have to pick something that you can clearly identify as good and do it, no matter how significant it may seem. I think the steps given are an excellent template.

    Thank you

    • Thank you TAS,

      Yes, overwhelming is part of it. I believe I read that in the Protocols.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. I confess I do get down hearted occasionally when I look at what these devils people have got away with, but as digger says we must stand up to them, and as that great Englishman
    Oswald Mosely said , stand with our neighbours for what we know is right

  4. ann

     /  February 25, 2015

    israels ex prime minister sent to prison for sex offences the usual diplomatic immunity was waved because of the seriousness of the offences http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/08/world/middleeast/moshe-katsav-ex-israeli-president-enters-prison.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

  5. The cure for depression and defeatism is to take action. Took me quite a while to realize it, but one always feels better for getting out in public with a sign, handouts, etc.

    MANY people are in the know or angry and looking for answers. It often feels like nobody is paying attention but that’s not the case.

    All hands on deck!

    • Good man. Wish I was living near to you aj. We’ld make a good team.

      People like you give me/us encouragement and make all the knocks worth it.

      Thanks for all you are doing for the big T.


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