An Authentic Holocaust


Was this really ‘The British’ – or was this the Jewish-controlled British? Either way, they should not have done what they did.

Sent with thanks from Tom

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  1. A few details on some of those who bankrolled slaughter in Ireland:

    from The Jews of Angevin England: documents and records from Latin and Hebrew sources, printed and manuscripts, Joseph Jacobs (


  2. anon

     /  February 19, 2015

    Oliver Cromwells home still stands in cambridgesjire, it was cromwell who allowed back the jews into England in order to finance and modernise his new model army
    The jews demanded threee things
    (1) permission to run their usury scams
    (2) christianity in devout ireland must be smashed by cruelty and divided.
    ( 3 ) the king must be killed this was to prepare for jewish royals ( which we have now )
    Cromwelll the night before he had the king killed was in prayer and agony as he knew he had been dupedincidentally the origins of the jew giving the white feather to impressionable young christian boys began here

  3. Ricsi

     /  February 19, 2015

    Digger,you should know better ! There can only ever be ONE holohoax/caust . This was just a mere famine,no big deal 🙂

  4. A question nobody seems to have an answer too; Why did it stop? Why didn’t the Brits exterminate the entire population and repopulate it with Brits?
    What made them change their mind halfway through?

    • Good question?? Was it spiritual intervention? Or was it that that would have been too obvious, creating international outrage. Plus ‘they’ wouldn’t have serfs/slaves for life.

  5. 0jr

     /  March 10, 2015

    what did they do before the explorers bought taters over from Amerika


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