Jew-Wise Quiz


The purpose of this post is to help newcomers to the Truth, specifically those who are just becoming jew-wise. It is not to be smug and make out I have some authority in these subjects. I am still learning like all of us. Some of these questions I had to look into, prior to writing them. My intent is just to get the Truth out there.

I haven’t thought it necessary to set questions just on Judaism, such as Jewish dress code and rituals, etc. But more topics which are of historical importance and which affect global events.

I aim to create an answer post to these questions at some point soon. However, it is worth while if you are new these subjects, to begin to start researching these topics yourself. You will absorb the information at a much deeper level if you have sourced the information yourself.

1/. What is The Babylonian Talmud and what significance does it have on our lives?

2/. What is The Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion and what significance does it have in our lives?

3/. What is usury and how does it affect our day to day lives?

4/. What is The Kehilla. How does it affect us all?

5/. What are the Sayanim?

6/. How many countries have ‘the jews’ (as a collective) been evicted from over the last 2000 years?

7/. What is the historical reference to why Jews are referred to as kikes?

8/. What does the term blood libel refer to; why was this term created?

9/. In reference to the term anti-Semitism – what is a true Semite?

10/. What are the three types of Jews?

11/. Why was it necessary for the Jewish press to relentlessly demonise Adolf Hitler more than any person on this planet, and the German people more than any race?

12/. Why was Dresden obliterated more so than any of the German cities?

13/. How many German women were estimated to have been systematically raped by the jewish-instigated Bolshevists after the second world war?

14/. What is Purim – and how would it affect global events?

15/. What is Mossad and what role did it play in 9-11 Twin Towers attack?

16/. In 17 countries the Holocaust narrative cannot be questioned, without one being incarcerated. This is the only piece of history not allowed by law (legislation) to be revised or questioned. Why do you think the Jewish community would not want this subject openly discussed?

17/. What symbol is bang smack in the middle of the £20 and £50 notes and on the dollar bill?

18/. Who were the instigators and financiers of the transatlantic black slave trade?

19/. Which group of people are behind the pornography industry, the alcohol industry, recreational drugs industry and all sexual revolutions and current day sexual lifestyles (LGBT)?

20/. Who are responsible for the enforced immigration of non-whites into white countries? And why?

21/. Why do you think International Jewry have control over every influencing aspect of our society, such as: academia, media, finance, music, entertainment, food, water, law (legal), utilities, etc?

22/. What do the two blue stripes in the israeli flag represent? And what special number does the hexagon in the centre of the flag signify?

23/. Why does jewish food have a ‘special’ food labelling? What is the significance of this?

24/. What is a Shabbas Goy?

25/. Which tribe of people were responsible for the black death of Europe due to the deliberate poisoning of the wells?

26/. What influence does Chabad Lubarvitch centres have on societies across the globe?

27/. Why are there so many names and symbols beginning with V in society? What is the significance of V in Judaism?

28/. What is the slogan of the israeli military? What does this tell us about their mindset and ethical code?

29/. How many Palestinians have the israeli Jews slaughtered since they occupied Palestinian in 1947?

30/. What is the exact procedure of death for an animal in a kosher slaughterhouse?

31/. What country was responsible for the attack on the USS Liberty?

32/. How much funding does israel get from America each year?

33/. How much reparations have the German people paid in total to israel for the biggest scam not known in history – the Holocaust?

34/. Which group of people is behind: chemtrails, vaccinations, H.A.R.R.P, smart meters, Orwellian surveillance, medical mafia, fluoridation of the water supply, de-natured foods, deforestation, pollution of the seas and river pollution? And why?

35/. Why oh why do you think there are now new hate laws (legislation) having to be enforced on us, with increasing levels of anti-Semitism across the globe?

36/. Which group of people were wholly responsible for World War 2?

37/. Who carried out a series of false flag attacks such as: the London 7/7 bombings, Madrid train bombing, Sandy Hook, Boston marathon, Woolwich beheading, Paris shooting, etc? And why?

38/. Why would there be a huge Hanukkah displayed at Christmas on the White House lawn as well as in numerous cities around the world – whilst at the same time wanting to ban the term CHRISTmas being used at Christmas time?

39/. Why do you think it would be that in Sweden home-schooling is banned for the Swedish people; yet conveniently allowed for the Jewish people? And why would this ban be necessary?

40/. Who is behind the banning of guns in America? And why?

41/. What Jewish signature is within both the fire and police emblems?

42/. What is the Kabbalah?

43/. What is a cypto-Jew?

Please forward on further questions, in order for me to add to this list. 



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  1. Excellent job, Digger.

    • Thank you Zan….it’s a start; needs improving.

      Hope you are well. Thank you for all you do for the big T.

  2. anon

     /  February 12, 2015

    very good article and I learnt lot from it
    thankyou digger.

  3. Wolfgang

     /  February 12, 2015

    This is great! Thanks

  4. Excellent, Digger.

  5. ihatekikes

     /  February 12, 2015


  6. flyingcossack

     /  February 14, 2015

    good work … good website

    jews are better off coming clean with everything, then humanity can move forward


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