Yes Sir!


There will always be evil in the world – but only because it is allowed and assisted.

To some degree we have to accept that there will always be tyrants, always be that dark element from top down wanting to oppress and enslave others. That is just the way of the world. When I say ‘accept’ I do not mean in any way that I accept what they do, but I accept the notion that there will always be predators who want to harm us.

However, what I really struggle to accept, is those amongst us who make that lifestyle/career choice to act as watered-down secondary predators on behalf of these elite Jewish forces. Without these go-betweens, this tyranny just would not happen.

One word – TRAITORS.

Those yes sir characters who don uniforms, wear special badges who will carry out almost any order, just because it is their role to do so. Just doin me job, just following orders.

These sellout traitors have lost their power of discernment which they were born with. Their moral compass has been tampered with, through mind control…..which they have willingly allowed. A lifestyle choice they have made. My self-interests come first. Doing this dirty work pays my mortgage, gives me a regular income. I’m alright Jack. I care only about my myopic interests. It doesn’t matter about my heritage, race, country, compassion, community, ethics and the bigger picture. My interests come first. 

To most people who have been following what is going on in the world, those activists and Truthers out there, this is all very obvious. But it needs to be highlighted again and again. We can’t let go of this bone. It is so important. Because it is these yes sir types who are the linch pin in all of this mess. It always has been. These people who do not have the strength of character to say “NO – I will not support a tyrannical system. I will not sell my soul“.

I know the corruption is in every aspect of society, but it is the police specifically who really are the linch pin in all this. Because let’s say for example your water board wanted to install a smart meter (which will damage your health). And you refuse this meter; then it will be these goons in uniform who will ensure there is a forced entry into your home, whether you are there or not. Had the police not been available to assist this criminality, most people would be able to deal with any locksmith trying to gain access into their home. In fact the locksmith and water company wouldn’t dare break into your home knowing they were in danger.

And of course this is just one small example. But all my life as an activists I have observed how it is always the police who assist tyranny. It is always these non-thinking goons who act as ushers to allow whatever social injustice to slip into our lives.

After all that is what the word police stands for. Police Enforcement Officer literally stands for someone who is ACTING as an officer of the sea, willing to force maritime (shipping) policies onto the ignorant subservient populace. These people have no natural born authority over anyone. They only have presumed authority upon the ignorant, mind controlled masses.

Without the police force we wouldn’t have to worry about any court summons – because we just wouldn’t turn up. Without the police interference we wouldn’t have to worry about most of these unjust statutory ‘laws’ (legislation). These so-called laws just wouldn’t have the clout. It is the police who are in-betweeners. They are the ones who do the dirty work on behalf of the criminal cabal against the will of the people. Shame on you!

The policing system does not care about justice and freedoms for the people

The policing system does not care about your rights

The policing system certainly does not care about Truth

The policing system is not there to protect you, it is there only to protect jewish criminal interests

The policing system will interfere in any process towards civil justice and uprising of the people

The policing system will stop you having autonomy and a natural lifestyle

The police are the antagonists in society

It is the police who are acting out of law – criminals protecting criminals

It is the police who are acting in an anti-social behaviour

The police our not our friends and cannot be trusted – whatsoever – whatsoever!

All modern day police are not in their right minds, because very simply they have allowed themselves to become mind controlled.

It is always the police, these traitors in society who enforce this clinical tyranny and strip us all of our inalienable rights to freedom and privacy.

It isn’t until these traitors are either replaced by a people’s self-policing; or they wake up en masse to their criminal behaviour which they are enacting every day, that we will have peace. I would strongly suggest that it’s these yes sir goons at every level who are the main linch pin in this whole dirty, corrupt, anti-nature system.


Let’s aim to pull out this linch pin and begin to have our lives back



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  1. I don’t know why we have to accept there will always be evil in the world… it was brought in ever so slowly and insidiously. But now that we do have it, we have to stop assisting it. That’s the only hope we have.

  2. Geoff Irwin

     /  February 13, 2015

    Puppets of the state! Mindless morons yes men & generally egotistical twats basically! Prime example of this is the province of ulster. Enforcement of government policy during the troubles through the running of agents to manipulate common thinking & prolong a conflict ran in the main from Whitehall! Defenders or instigaters? More gatekeeper than peace maker. Sound familiar?

  3. Bob McDonald

     /  February 19, 2015

    Yes the Police are more trouble than they are worth , Last week I was assaulted by Police for ???? Pushing a protest trolley down our main st ,and then trying to film piggy’s when we knew they were going to abuse our rights again , he snatched my camera but I didn’t let go ,he swore at us and threw me into a bench seat , all because our jewish shopping centre doesn’t want free speech , we went back next day and did it all again ,telling the piggys this time that we are doing free speech protesting we are not breaking laws you cant stop us now go away ,we had reported previous incident to head piggy ,I also managed to still get film of the entire event not a good look for the corrupt jewish lap dogs the Local Police , Last Market Day 9 police removed us after a big argument / debate ,they are scum they are cowards and we will not be beaten by these pigs trying to stand over us , and protect their jewish devils .

    It’s quite empowering to tell police to go away ,it was peaceful here until you came ,and no we don’t need a permit to protest , goodbye ! ……no we do not understand ,don’t tell me to shutup ,and don’t give me orders you are not my boss , one cop had a big nose asked him ” are you a jew mate ? jew hey ? he said he was a hero ? what a joke ! after I told him he was a disgrace to his uniform ,ah Got to laugh at these guys !

    • Wow. Good on you Bob. Inspiration to us all. Such fighting spirit. They’re so sad. Lost souls. Puppets, duped by their programming. Lost in kudos/ego land. To think they’ll wake up one day and see the damage they have done. What will they say to their loved ones? …”I wez only doin me job – I waz only following orders” PATHETIC!! Will they be able to look them in the eyes?

      Thanks for commenting Bob. Thanks for fighting for the big T, up there on top of the world (not down under).


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