Why? Why? Why?

Sent with thanks from Tom

A reasoned debate – ha. I’m not a fan of Galloway, but with respect to him, he has been through the mill with this tribe.

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  1. anon

     /  February 12, 2015

    its a shame Galloway was not given a chance to speak, he has suffered lot of racism from jews and it would have been good to hear his voice, for those jews who say why us ? look at what you have done in the world

  2. mike

     /  February 12, 2015

    I’m wondering if the figures on ant-semitism are made up like much of their proganda. Also Dimbleby comes from a jewish family.

    • Interesting. You may have a point Mike. I did not know about Dimbleby’s background – but does not surprise me whatsoever.

  3. flyingcossack

     /  February 14, 2015

    don’t like the lies galloway perpetuates about 911, holocaust, and WW2 … but it’s good to see someone standup to international jewry, even if he has to dance with the devil

    jews will not be able to separate their fate from the fate of israel … because israel’s crimes against humanity are just the tip of the iceberg of international jewry’s crimes against humanity … israel’s fate is sealed, there isn’t one college campus in the world that is sympathetic with israel, even kissinger admits much … this will only end with the complete truth

    • Yes, my sentiments exactly regarding galloway. However, he may have to toe the line somewhat as they will Kennedy him.


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