Weakened Masses


“In order to weaken us, International Jewry have got us both insecure and isolated.”

~ Digger


When I say insecure, I am talking about spiritually insecure. So insecure within ourselves that we have no self worth and we have to then lean on the superficial fillers which International Jewry provide for us: materialism, religion, a regular job – wage coming in, egotistical career, sensory comforts such as: holidays, pampering ourselves, endless hobbies, entertainment, sports and recreational pleasure seeking. In addition to these there are the stimulants and addictions: junk food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, sexual perversions and gratifications, etc.

All of these filling a void for a deeper spiritual connection. Most of these by the way are not in alignment with nature. In fact very much anti-nature. And none of these serve us in the long run, they only serve International Jewry, in order to weaken us.




Divided we fall. Just look at us. Nobody is looking out for each other now. If your neighbour 2/3 doors down from you were raided by these a-gents (non-gentlemen) of the government (control-mind), you probably wouldn’t even hear about it until a week or so later. And what would you say to your neighbour “Oh dear, sorry to hear that.”. What could you do anyway, even if you had seen these goons invading your neighbour’s home? Nothing. Because we have been systematically weakened to believe we have no community, no tribal force, no collective power and no rights.

They have done this through multiple ways: mass immigration, break down of communities and community projects, breaking down cultural traditions and heritage, conditioning us to be selfish and act as the individual – out for oneself mindset. So all this selfish individualism is now perfectly normal behaviour. In fact if one does act in an altruistic manner for the community, it is seen as bizarre behaviour and one will get ostracised by one’s neighbours for being too quirky and not acting ‘normal’.



Solutions to this onslaught on humanity

The number one thing we have to do is expose the tyrants who are causing this misery. Spread the Truth to new blood. In effect that is all we can do. Every day, when our head hits the pillow, we have to ask ourselves the question “What did I do today to stop this tyranny?

As for the personal levels of insecurity; we have to try hard and fight these anti-nature trends. We must try and be disciplined within ourselves to avoid what IJ hands to us on a plate. Clean up and pure up as much as we possibly can.



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  1. Indeed, Digger. We must ask ourselves always, what did I do today to advance the awakening.


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