Russian doll


Whenever you’re trying to impart this distasteful Truth to a newcomer, you may find it useful to try to use the Russian doll analogy; in that each area that one looks into this agenda, it tends to fit inside another aspect of the agenda, a bit like onion layers.

The issues one has with their corrupt local council, obviously stems from a centralised government control, which in turn is controlled by think tanks, which are controlled by international jewish banking families.

So for example if we’re talking to someone about chemtrails and what we think they are; the next obvious question has to be “WHO are doing this to us?” So this is where the Russian doll explanation comes in handy. I would lay it out to them like this:

Chemtrails, vaccinations, smart meters, fluoridation of the water supply, perpetual wars, enforced mass immigration/multiculturalism, big brother surveillance, police state, etc [symptoms]

all fit inside

Agenda 21  

which fits inside 

The New World Order agenda

which fits inside 

The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion

which fits inside 

International Jewry 

which fits inside the outer casing of 

a demonic force: satanic, archonic, lucifarian 

With additional research into Usury and The Babylonian Talmud.

In my opinion, If they bother to take the time to look into that lot, then they’ve got this conspiracy relatively sussed.



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