Dear Adolf


Dear Herr Hitler,

I have got to know you over the last few years. Gradually I have been able to undo the Jewish mind control which has been inflicted upon me, and the decades of negative propaganda foisted upon your name and the great German people.

So I now see it fit to write to you with the harsh Truth of where Germany stands today, along with Europe and the global situation.

Where do I start? On one hand things look bleak, very bleak indeed. But often in dark situations, there is always glimmers of hope, always sparks to give potential light. I will lay out the Truth as I see things.

Sadly Germany has fallen once again. International Jewry has poisoned your beloved land once more. As the patten with all of Europe, with pockets of sexual depravity, mass imigration with jews in every position of social influence. The president of Germany is a Jewess.


Here are some pointers to how low society has fallen:

  • men can openly marry men, women can openly marry women in a church wedding and then adopt mixed raced children as a married couple.
  • the Waffen SS have been demonised by the world over, with mass propaganda that the work camps you created for the Jews being known only as death camps. Accusing you and your party of gassing 6 million Jews. Yes, I know this is ridiculous, but there is a mass hypnosis going on.
  • most men have been feminised and many women wear the trousers in the home due to being the bred winners. A reverse role playing is going on and it is not working.
  • society has been anti-natured in every way possible.
  • the youth have little self pride and are quite inadequate in many ways and are addicted to electronic games.
  • sexual perversion and hedonism is relatively widespread, with a low moral compass in most of European society.
  • the food is no longer real food, it has been de-natured, with much of it’s natural potential removed.
  • the people are being sprayed like bugs from the skys from planes with a toxic mixture of coal ash.
  • people are exposed to massive levels of EMP Electromagnetic pollution.
  • vivisection has also sadly returned. As well as total abuse of animals.
  • people en masse have become damaged, mind controlled, isolated, insecure – they have been judaified.
  • people are in fear of their governments and do not trust them, despite being acquiescent to them.
  • usury is as rampant as ever before, with theft of resources as bad as history has ever known it.
  • there is mass migration into European countries, due the disturbance by the jews of these peoples’ homelands. So both immigrants and indigenous people lose out. All cultures except the jews have lost their racial and traditional heritage……all by design.
  • schooling, education and academia generally has all been subverted by the Jews. Truth is absolutely inverted in these places. Children and youth have been completely dumbed down and propagandised. These places of ‘education’ are nothing more than mind control centres.
  • the media is a joke. It is surprising that people observe it and believe it at all, as the lies are so utterly predictable and ridiculous. There is always a bogyman in order for us to keep us in perpetual war.
  • Christmas is banned at Christmas time as the Jews tell us it offends the non Christians and atheists. This is not a joke.
  • hospitals are organised clinical eugenic centres where people are covertly culled…….and most of the comatised people don’t even notice.
  • the soil, rivers, seas, air are all polluted.
  • Germany has to pay x millions reparations to israel every year due to the war that International Jewry began and the work camps you created.
  • the German people have been endlessly vilified throughout the world as evil.
  • there is always the ever-threatening reality of world war three. This will be nuclear war if it happens.
  • children are being taught perverse sex education at the age of 4
  • babies are being pumped full of toxic chemicals before the age of 1
  • hedonism and sexual perversion is rampant throughout westernized culture
  • unemployment has reached peak levels yet again, with foreigners taking most of the inhabitants work … designed by International Jewry.
  • most people are hooked on some pharmaceutical drug of some sort for depression.
  • suicides are at an all time peak.
  • most people care more about entertainment and pleasure-seeking than social and global issues. For example 2 million Iraqis can get wiped out (including children, elderly and women) under an illegal war, on the pretext of a lie which has been admitted – and most people care about trivia and having fun.
  • most Europeans have had there guns removed from them and they are planning on doing the same for Canadians and Americans.



Some more optimistic news.

We now have something called the internet, where most people have access to a computer in their home which is linked up all across the world. This is a world wide global communication and information provider. It allows the people, that is ordinary people access to an alternative media. If one is prudent enough, the Truth can be obtained. It is just a matter of the will to find the Truth. But it can be sourced. It is a remarkable tool. And thanks to this internet, I and millions of others have discovered the Truth about your ideals and the German heritage.

Thankfully with this tool, people are being proactive in seeking and sharing the Truth as a countermeasure to the mass propaganda. In fact it is staggering why anyone would use the main stream media whatsoever these days. But people like their comfortable hypnosis.

The good news though Adolf is that thanks to the internet, the Truth is beginning to go viral. Also I would suggest that the internet is a spiritual tool and that it is part of a global consciousness awakening. Despite the jews endless clever distractions, the Truth is penetrating through. Some days I think it is painfully slow, but others I can see progress. I do believe it is exponentially seeping through now and International jewry is on the defensive and edgy. It is potentially dangerous times again, but exciting times for humanity. I would suggest there is going to be enormous shifts of spiritual awareness in the next ten years. So much so that humanity as we know it will be be hardly recognisable …..for the better.

I believe we will go through a final surging of trying to cling onto the old selfish materialistic ways. We will be forced to awaken to a more spiritual, more altruistic lifestyle. This is happening already in pockets here n there across the globe. Some people are being forced into letting go of their materialism and others are willingly doing so. But there is a breaking away of the self-serving individualism. Despite the darkness and depravity, there is a genuine spiritual awakening which is about to unleash onto the world. We have to seep right down to a base level in society first, for this shift to happen. But it will.

This is beyond politics, beyond religion, beyond trendy cults and revolutions; but an authentic, natural, organic, spiritual uprising.

With respect and honour for the standards of integrity and Truth you set for us.

Your sincerely




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  1. anon

     /  February 12, 2015

    Rarely have I been moved so much.

    As a young boy growing up in the years just after WWII we believed all we were told and had to chant at school prayers for the jews in the camps.
    By a circuitous route through the military I ended up in British intelligence, and from the senior men I learnt that none of it happened the way we were told, and in fact our intel refused to assist in the war against our brothers in Germany; so churchill started his own called the SOE, who were just common terrorists, planting bombs in cafes and rail stations etc.
    I am nearing the end of my life and I wish more people knew this truth
    Thank you Digger


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