How many Jew-wise people are there in the world?


I’m sure that’s a question we often ask ourselves. Initially I just thought about how many people in the world who are ‘awake’ to a general conspiracy; but then I thought this starts getting into grey areas, such as ‘the Globalists’ ‘the elite powers’, etc. Surely anyone with a tad of common sense will know that there are forces at play beyond the government, even if these idiots do actually vote.

But I suppose even the question How many Jew-wise people are there in the world? is still up for interpretation. What exactly does it mean to be Jew-wise? There is jew-wise and jew-wise. Our grandparents may have said “Oh those pesky Jews, up to their monkey business“, or your work mate knowing that the Jews control the money markets and are up no good with their trading methods. But the question really means – who is reasonably awake to the comprehensive shenanigans of Jewish perfidy?

So before we look at any figures; here are some guidelines for people qualifying as being Jew-wise. I have split their levels of knowledge into two groups:

JW person A

  • Generally aware of zionism and a global zionist plot.
  • Aware that israel had some involvement in 9-11.
  • Aware that elite Jews are running the money markets.
  • Aware that there are questions around their holocaust narrative and that it is strange that people are incarcerated in 17 countries just for asking questions about it.
  • Aware that the Palestinians are greatly suffering under the israeli occupation.
  • Are aware that international Jewry have political clout over America and many Western nations.



JW person B

  • They know fully that International Jewry [IJ] carried out 9-11 and London 7/7 bombings, The Madrid train bombing, etc.
  • They are aware IJ were responsible for the black slave trade; as well as poisoning the wells causing the Black Death in Europe.
  • They know without question that ‘the’ holocaust is a big fat kosher lie – it never happened, that 6 million Jews were not gassed. There were no DEATH camps.
  • That IJ are behind all these additional false flags/hoaxes such as: Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, London beheading, Paris shootings, etc.
  • That IJ are behind the pornography trade, alcohol trade, gambling, peadophile rings, GM/junk food, chemtrails, smart meters, sea/river/steam pollution, etc.
  • They have a general understanding of how ‘usury’ works and how IJ monopolises every trade.
  • They have read sufficient amounts of The Babylonian Talmud and realise the implications of this perverted mindset on society.
  • They have read The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion and are aware this most definitely is not a forgery, but an architectural game plan for IJ to dominate the world.



And what irritates the hell out of me, is that there are so many people who are awake at this level who are gardeners, cleaners, school children, single mums, grannies, scaffolders, general office clerks, printers, car mechanics, labourers. Yet all those so-called people working in government ‘intelligence’ with all their data collection and high tech gadgetry, still haven’t worked it out. FUCKING SELLOUT TRAITORS…….argggghhh.

As a wild guess, I would suggest the amount of JW person B types are between

5-10 million. And JW person A types between 50-80 million. ?????

The reason I have come up with these figures is because of the following:

  • I am aware milliions of Muslims across the world know about a zionist plot.
  • A recent survey stated that in France alone 16% of people were aware of a zionist conspiracy. And this is representative of international awareness; and growing rapidly.
  • My day to day conversations with people on the street, picking up that people are aware of Jews being the troublemakers of society. This awareness has increased during my time as an activist. The more people suffer, the more people are independently searching on the internet for answers to why they are suffering and more importantly who is the cause of their suffering.
  • Attending Palestinian demonstrations and watching the numbers increase and observing the honestly of the placards and chanting.
  • The incredible amount of blog/websites exposing Jewish hegemony.
  • The main stream press as our barometer, panic-stricken about the exponential global awakening. There isn’t a day now that they screech about the rise in “anti-Semitism”.

But I really haven’t got a clue. Those figures are a total guess.

Perhaps we should write into these government intelligent agencies and ask them. I’m sure they’re keeping a track on the JW stats.

I have heard rumours that quarter of a billion people are awake to some degree (Illuminati, global agenda level). That is 1 in 28 people if we believe that 7 billion are on the planet (I don’t think there are 7 billion people myself). Quarter of a billion seems a bit much to me. But still, these rumours indicate that we are talking enormous amounts of people waking up.

People talk about a critical mass awakening, I think this is inevitable, but what is this critical mass going to be? What sort of figures? I would suggest it is going to have to be above quarter of a billion person B types before any real shift happens.

I think this will happen sooner than any of us can imagine, due to the exponential growth of awakening. I’m sure there are probably computer programmers or statisticians who would be able to calculate pretty accurately when this will happen. I bet International Jewry know exactly when this date is and have something planned before this mass awakening will materialise. A nice little surprise for us; some special event, such as world war three, or a global virus, or a plague which will destroy all crops. Something which will be so life threatening, that worrying about whether the holocaust happened or not will be the last thing on our minds.

That is why it is essential that we stop these demonically-driven maniacs in their path as soon as we can.

And on that note – the next question should be: How many of these JW people are doing something about it?

Again these people can be split into two camps:

Person A

  • Reading heaps of books about the conspiracy.
  • Watching endless hours of scary youtube videos.
  • Reading copious amounts of interesting articles.
  • Casually telling their friends about it and the occasional person at work.
  • Meeting up with other JW pals to moan about the Jews.
  • Pop along to their local Pro Palestine demo.
  • Talking about all the things they plan to do.
  • Putting all their energy into the endless symptoms of the agenda and not the root cause.
  • Leaving it all up to their church, mosque and God to sort out. Allah Akbar and turn the other cheek mindset.
  • Waiting for someone else to save the day for them. Some hero in the Truth movement, or some save-the-day politician (messianic complex).



Person B

  • Actively going out of their way to get the Truth shared.
  • A devotee to the Truth – taking risks, having inconvenience.
  • Using all their life experiences and skill sets towards getting the Truth out there.
  • Actually achieving things, beyond just talk.
  • Realising the Truth discovers you and this is one’s spiritual obligation, that we are in a spiritual war.

Person A – 10-79+ million     Person B – 3000-8000

If these guesses are in anyway accurate – this is a sad reflection on the level of activism, that 1 in 80000 people are willing to get off their arse and actually do something about this tyranny. I hope I’m very wrong on this. Because if these figures are any way accurate, then think of our potential. That if enough of us pulled our fingers out and braved up – our suffering could realistically be over in a matter of weeks! In just six weeks we could begin the process of our global freedom.



It’s not the amount of people waking up that is necessarily important – 

it is the amount of people braving up.

Answers on a postcard for estimates please………



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  1. aj

     /  February 3, 2015

    Nice one, Digger. Think you’re probably on target. The Good News is that there’s a whole lot of people on the cusp. We are approaching critical mass. A lot of those not yet active are going to get in at some point. Marches are increasing, Jew panic is rising, economic reality is biting harder and harder.

    Keep up the great work. The future lies with the Truth.

    • Thanks aj. Thanks to people like yourself.

      • aj

         /  February 3, 2015

        I love to watch the scoffers faces fall when I turn over a sign and confront them with a quote from a Marine colonel or a Air Force pilot/commercial pilot. It’ll take them some time to digest, if they’re going to, but the tide is moving in one direction only. Huge thanks to you for keeping the site up in such challenging times. It’s unique and very valuable.

      • Thank you aj

  2. Rolf Loth

     /  November 13, 2015

    Right on the mark! The truth is out on the internet, we just have to look it up and then spread it to those who are too lazy to find it. I can’t think of a government that is not controlled to some degree by the Zionists and their NWO agenda. We need our military to become patriotic and round up all those traitors to We the People. A military putsch and nothing short of that will save us from these evil gangsters. Then we need leaders like Pepe Mujica of Uruguay, not the greedy, power-hungry Freemasons and Illuminati that occupy the top positions in society.


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