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I went to the local Jewish book store and inquired as to whether they had a copy of the Australian Jewish immigration policy book. The store keeper said, “Fuck you, get out and stay out!” I said, “Yes, that’s the one!




These will help get us the results we so desperately need.

[not in order of importance]

Rage – Get pissed off. You should be outraged – seething by now. If you are not, you are have been pacified through chemicals and conditioning – therefore damaged.

Envision – I-magine. Project the future you want in your mind with directed visualisation techniques. Set aside 10 minutes each day to envision a better world.

Stand – Stand up for yourself and your loved ones. Resist. Fight back. Say NO ….and mean it.

Undo – the bad habits we have been conditioned to accept as ‘normal’. Begin to become self-disciplined and rid the: booze, drugs, porn, gambling, junk food, etc.

Learn – your subject sufficiently. Study up on what is going on in your world. Specifically become Jew-wise.

Tell – others. Inform as many newbies (new blood) as you can. Make it your mission every day to inform others outside the choir. Don’t just be a spectator……a comfortable browser. We all have a spiritual duty to spread the Truth.

Stash – Duplicate the Truth in as many ways as you can – photocopy, electronic format, CDs/DVS, etc. Then stash this Truth somewhere safe, someone secret for prosperity.

Public Figures Terminated For alerting the Masses to The Jew World Order


Compiled by Miss V

No public figure is too prominent to extinguish. Speaking out about the NWO agenda, or performers that have signed their souls to the Satanist entertainment industry can result in their murder or being suicided.


Is this going to be our future?


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Stoic Sylvia

Your ancestors would be proud of you. All of us who are fighting for Truth are proud of you.

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You should be concerned



By John Kaminski

Concern yourself with the fact that there are no presidential candidates presently known who are willing to tell you the truth about our present condition, our recent past, or the dire forecast for our immediate future. And as usual, there is no shortage of willing liars queued up for this jackpot job who are eager to continue the cynical policies that have destroyed our country and are now enthusiastically aimed at busting up and enslaving the rest of the world, and generally shortening everyone’s lifespan.


4 Hours


Points of Focus towards our Freedom

[not necessarily in order of importance]

t (more…)

Dry Kindling


Three evenings – that’s all it took for somebody I recently met to wake up to this conspiracy.


Exponential potential




1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128 – exponential.


This is the word our adversaries loathe. Because this is our winning formula. This is our potential for success.

Dave shares the Truth with Sarah and Martin, Sarah then passes the Truth with Peter and Jane and Martin tells Mike and Simon. Peter then goes on to tell Claire and John, whilst Jane tells Adrian and Elaine. At the same as Mike tells Adam and Josh and Simon tells Rick and Colin ….and on and on it multiplies. This is not a lineal affair, it is exponential Truth sharing.

This is what the big boys do not want. Yet it is inevitable. It is natural. It is organic. Like a plant or tree develops, so will the Truth exponential grow.

That is why it is essential to ACTIVELY spread the Truth to as many people as you can. Make it your day’s objective. Set targets for yourself to network the Truth, like you would a business. Say to yourself “Right, today, I will try and wake up at least three people.” or “Before I go home tonight, I will have spoken to at least two people about the Truth.”

Because if you write down websites and films for people and they themselves may not necessarily be interested; these people could potentially be stepping stones. They could pass this information to someone else who could really run with. And they in turn pass it on to someone else who could be a devotee to the Truth, somebody who is a leading light in the movement.

So please, from now on look at everyone as potential. Every soul you meet, is a potential future Truther; no matter how comatised they may appear.