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A brief thank you to all those people who contribute towards this blog with their interesting and accurate information. Thank you for helping to keep an eclectic range of topics around the subject of Truth.

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The Real Victims

This is an extract from the ‘must buy’  “Hellstorm” by Tom Goodrich. [must have in one’s Truth book collection]


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Newspeak in reality


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Here is an observation of this anti-nature agenda in progress. This is how it is done, through incrementalism. With the whole of this agenda, it is all down to us – all ‘offer and acceptance’. We all collectively accept them taking 10 words, 30 words and 50 words from the dictionary; and so it goes on. “Well the goy didn’t complain ….

Most people disgusted with this process have not grasped what is going on; even if they do recognise a type of Orwellian trend going on. Yet until one is Jew-conscious, and how this death cult wants to destroy nature; then it all makes sense. Please take some time to read The Protocols below. It always leads back to the Protocols.


….Dickie Dictionary

Our second piece is about words linked to all things natural being taken out of the main dictionary used by many 7 to 9-year-olds in Britain. Gone are words like ash, blackberry, bluebell, buttercup, catkin, dandelion, heather, holly, ivy, kingfisher, lark, magpie….got the idea? But you may be delighted, or not, that endangered, vandalism, MP3 player, blog, chatroom and committee are now in.

Check out what we said and have done, and how my youngest kids responded!

Robert Verkerk

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Offer and Acceptance

Jigsaw puzzle

The Protocols


Holiday camp, whilst millions of Gentiles intensely suffered – due to their Jewish-created war.  Yet the jews come out 70 years later as the victims. Work that out.

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