Truth deniers

Just look at these typical comments you get back from idiots denying the Truth. You feel like just smiling at these damaged repeaters. What will these repeaters not repeat(?) Locked in fear to dare look outside of the box, outside of what the authorities and their magic box in the corner of their living room tells them to think and repeat. These are dangerous members of society. Sadly these clowns make up the majority of those around us.

Wendy Siewert

YOU are so delusional it’s beyond frightening! Have you ever watched documentaries on the Holocaust? Latest OWN (Oprah) about Auschwitz? She speaks with Survivor Elie Wiesel, who is a well-known Author and teacher. They walk through the DEATH camp and recalls the years he spent there. Mother and little sister, did not go swimming. They were stripped of their clothes and marched into a Gas chamber to their deaths. Perhaps you need to take a ‘pilgrimage” to Auschwitz and view the very place MILLIONS of innocent people were led to their death. Thousands upon thousands of ‘baby’ shoes behind protective glass, TONS of human hair that was shaved from their heads (to sell to make fabric during the war) piles upon piles of suitcases with peoples names painted on them (were told they would get their personal items returned) All emptied of their belongings/valuables. The list of horrors goes on and on. Nothing you could say to defend yourself would ever make ANY sense. You are part of the very evil that continues to exist in this world. You are no better than the Monster Hitler himself.

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Is this page a joke? Does someone actually believe Hitler was anything but a mass murder? Giving you the benefit of the doubt that Hitler had no intentions of killing Jews HE DID ANYWAY!!!! How can you seriously think he wasn’t trying to wipe out an entire race? So I guess he had no intentions of killing all the women and children that were no use to him. I can’t believe I wasted my time reading this and you wasted your time on writing it. This page is a disgrace to the human race. Your logic is twisted. So a man had no intention of killing his wife but did. He should get off serving no jail time? Or a man drinking and driving kills a family of 5. He didn’t mean to. Those weren’t his intentions. So he should walk? There is nothing nice to say about Hitler other than thank God he is dead!!!!!!

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6 million of the 10 Million Jews died in World War 2. Do you think they just disappeared? Upped and died? Do not fool yourself with insane delusions.

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Bullshitty, Bullshit. Number 3: Anyone who has been to Auschwitz will easily understand that that is not humane conditions. Barracks meant for 50 were filled with 300 barely clothed Men or Women.

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  1. BMan

     /  January 31, 2015

    The gullible, non-thinking, Jewish sycophants are beyond much use or teaching.

    Here is a truth teller that died:

  2. Currently engaged in a fb debate with one myself. He is actually a friend and quite a bit smarter than the clowns quoted here. I think he’ll eventually get it.

    I’m very interested in finding the difference between those who can see and those who don’t. It seems that there are some very smart people who become morons when it comes to examining uncomfortable truths.

    I think that much of it is the self-serving need to toe the pc line. It’s amusing to watch them become retards when it comes time to recite loyalty to the pc line.

  3. Hmmmm… I wonder how YOU delusional animals think the footage of the concentration/death camps came from? Thousands of ‘actors’ playing the part of starving, brutalized human beings? How about the bull-dozing of dumping bodies in huge mass graves? Boy, they really worked some ‘Hollywood” magic back in those days. And now my Hitler loving fools, I am done with you. Pity every single one of you clowns.

    • Listen you retard. Do some INDEPENDENT research and have a tad of bravery to dare look at the Truth.

      The difference between repeaters like you and those of who once also believed this horse dung, is that at least we dared to look at the evidence OUTSIDE THE JEWISH-OWNED MEDIA. Can you not see this distinction!?


      Had you spent just two evenings doing some independent research, you wouldn’t need to have these elementary questions answered. But on this occasion I will assist you. But this is the last reply as you have to do some homework. You have to make some effort.

      Hmmmm… I wonder how YOU delusional animals think the footage of the concentration/death camps came from?

      A: From JEWISH filmmakers of course, who capitalised on the end of war situation in the camps. The reason these inmates were in such horrid conditions was from typhoid, diarrhoea, etc. This is because towards the end of the war the JEWISH-controlled allies (American) planes were carpet bombing German railroads, therefore food and supplies could not get into the camps. Blame the jews for their condition.

      Thousands of ‘actors’ playing the part of starving, brutalized human beings? How about the bull-dozing of dumping bodies in huge mass graves? Boy, they really worked some ‘Hollywood” magic back in those days. And now my Hitler loving fools, I am done with you. Pity every single one of you clowns.

      If Hitler wanted to kill jews in DEATH camps, he would have done what the JEW Eisenhower did to Germans by putting them inside fenced off compound without water or food or shelter. You fool, why would he build hundreds of huts with heating and regular visits from the red cross had he wanted to murder jews. Do your homework for gods sake woman.

      The Greatest Story Never Told (A Six Hour Documentary)

      The Untold Story Of Adolf Hitler

      Produced by Dennis Wise – ATruthWillOutFilm

  4. Everybody is not meant ot wake up, Digger. Nothing you can say or do will ever reach some people. I had to almost give up on some friends of mine after trying to reach them with facts and evidence for the last eight years. They just would not ‘believe’ chemtrails were being sprayed until one day I was over there and they were all outside on a clear day and out of nowhere a fleet of jets started criss crossing the sky spewing out crap until the whole sky turned grey right in front of them! They were blindsided. Then their kids started waking up until now they are all awake and saying the exact same things I used to tell them! The oldest was about 12 when he told the teacher he thought the holohoax was a hoax by jews–right in the middle of holohoax class! bravo

    Come to think of it, some others I considered lost causes a few years ago are starting to wake up, just barely, but they aren’t doing a god damn thing about it. Five years ago I started calling and writing the county sheriff about the chemtrail spraying. The sheriff’s own secretary answered the phone and said she saw the same thing and they were definitely going to do something about it as soon as the sheriff gets in. Nothing ever happened. He wouldn’t take my calls and his assistant went on an extended leave.
    Jet traffic is non-existent out here and thick noxious chemtrails sprayed low are extremely obvious even to ignorant inbred hicks and hillbillys that mostly live here.

    Keep spreading the truth until we reach critical mass, resist evil by all means- you know the difference between right and wrong, and definitely harden your structure and living areas against attack by armed packs of unlawful illegitimate killers with radios and machinery. No need to elaborate, but if a lot of people did this the killers and their dog murdering death squads would be brought to a dead halt in just one day. Have you ever heard of Dragon’s Breath or the Breath of the Dragon?

  5. Sure thing Digs, but it’s not “optimism” just honest information based on facts and evidence.

    I see you are correcting the lies of an obvious paid IDF hasbarat TROLL. I was almost rotflmao reading that shit – oprah – BWAHAHHAAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAAHA!

    Paid trolls like that one are a good example for people to see for themselves how these creatures work – by repeating empty lies as though they were facts but of course never a drop of evidence. oprah – – eLIE weasel – BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!

    That’s why I don’t have a blog or comments and couldn’t care less what ignorant sheep think about my website. I will be putting up a link to the Complaint Department later today though. 🙂

    • Thank you Bill. It is quite funny to see them spit out and squirm with the TRUTH.

      It’s our barometer. As the great Henry Ford told us “The Jews hate the Truth”

      Thank you for commenting.


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