Truth Spell


“The Jews have cast a spell over most people who stumble across the Truth. 

They have somehow magically ensured most people become incapable of resisting. 

Despite most people’s well-intended talk, they are locked up in fear-based procrastination. 

It really is quite incredible how people who are ‘in the know’, with huge amounts of potential, knowledge and skill sets, have allowed themselves to let the years roll by and do practically nothing to stop this tyranny. 

Pathetic, whimpering individuals who can only observe the drama and bicker amongst themselves. 

Without hesitation they will indulge in social get-togethers to have a good ol moan, have a social drink, have a laugh; but anything involving activism, anything risqué or meaningful which entails actually getting things done to stop this tyranny and making effort with personal inconvenience – forget it. 

Pleasure seeking, stimulants and short term comforts wins every single time.

Doing nothing other than reading endless books, watching entertaining videos, reading articles, moaning amongst ourselves at social meet ups – these are all just ways of engaging in fear-based procrastination. Putting off doing tangible, constructive forms of activism……fighting back

We make our choice – we put up with personal inconvenience and make the effort now; or we fall for convenience and comforts, which will guarantee immeasurable suffering in the near future. 

That is our personal and collective spiritual choice.”

~ Digger

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  1. aj

     /  February 1, 2015

    And the cure for the fear is getting out and truthing. It’s a fact that it ALWAYS makes you feel better. Lots of ways to do it. Simply holding a nice clear sign draws honks, waves, and positive comments. Always a few ignoramuses, but they’ll get there eventually.

    A simple website is excellent for signs:

    A handout with selected quotes from pilots, military people, architects, etc. is cheap and the uninformed can’t argue with them. If you can put a couple in large letters on a sign, you can educate and/or shut up people at distance. DVDs are great if you can afford to do it.

    Again, it’s the tonic for the the truth blues. As the Protocols state, they fear most individual initiative by the goyim.

    • Agree – agree – agree. No good moping about the situation. It’s half our problem anyway that we let ourselves get to this position.

      Thank you aj, glad you’re out there and on our side.


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