Many Thanks


A brief thank you to all those people who contribute towards this blog with their interesting and accurate information. Thank you for helping to keep an eclectic range of topics around the subject of Truth.

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  1. You’re welcome. Here’s a present for you. Part 1 has become the number one download at QT.COM, 18,000 hits this month so far:

    Click to access How_to_Recognize_and_Identify_a_jew-Part_1.pdf

    Click to access How_to_Recognize_and_Identify_a_Jew-Part_2.pdf

    These are moving up fast:

    This ancient text is the #2 download (previously #1) and a good sign we are moving in the right direction:

    • Thank you CW

      • Must have dropped too many links on you. Above cuts off the ancient Rules of Conduct link, which is from the Golden Verses, copied by Pythagoras 500 b.c. without citing the true source from Egypt like all the rest of so-called Greek philosophy.

        Rules of Conduct p. 979, A Treasury of Philosophy, volume II, by Dagobert D. Runes, 1955 New York: Grolier, The Philosophical Library, Inc.

  2. For some reason this link to the Rules of Conduct .jpg on QT.COM isn’t showing up.
    It is an ancient document many thousands of years old stolen from Egypt by Pythagoras.
    It describes the rules for living on the Earth in a deeply meaningful way. It is actually the number one download in KBs on my entire site and is downloaded in over 100 countries.
    I’ll spell out the link:QT dot COM slash rulesofconduct dot jpg or just scroll near the bottom on QT.COM.
    Here is the html link:
    Or just search for Rules of Conduct on QT.COM


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