Holiday camp, whilst millions of Gentiles intensely suffered – due to their Jewish-created war.  Yet the jews come out 70 years later as the victims. Work that out.

Sent with thanks from John Kaminski


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  1. Mike

     /  January 28, 2015

    Seems like a holiday camp.
    I have read that the reason the jews were sent to work camps was because Hitler wanted them to learn the value of honest work. The propaganda films after the war showing bad conditions were made by Hollywood Jews like Alfred Hitchcock and Daryl Zannuck where they used props and actors. All propaganda.

    • Indeed. And if you and I can spot it. then you can guarantee all the ‘authorities’ have worked it out. they are nothing but traitors for protecting this huge lie on humanity. But the Truth is sneaking out; hence their desperate last minute pitch to save their lie i.e…70 days for 70 years theme.

      As you say, the only horror that went on in these work/holiday camps was that the jews had to do some work for once.

      The Truth will out.

      Thanks Mike for commenting.

  2. Me thinks their time is almost up! The holohoax seems to be taking center stage lately.
    Can you start to see just how badly this monster hoax is going to backfire on the cloven ones? I do. That’s why I added a separate ‘Holohoax’ page on QT.COM and to get that filth off of the front page. I’m sick of it. Any sheeple that still can’t get it might as well pack their bags for Indonesia or wherever we’re going to put these critters. hehe

  3. aj

     /  January 29, 2015

    Great clips! Thanks. Would be nice if they were interspersed with the honest Jews from Spielberg’s Shoah project who admitted that they played football, performed plays, had an orchestra, etc.


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