Even if the holohoax was true, what is it with these people that they just will not let it go(?) 


Self-obsessed perhaps?? You here about homosexual people who cringe at the flamboyant sexually permissive displays of the gay parades and say to themselves “Oh no, how embarrassing. This doesn’t represent me.” Well I wonder if there are any Jewish people out there who equally cringe at the pathos of this latest display of ‘never forget’ indulgence of holocaust pity.


Oy vey Oy vey; how we suffered like no other.


Let’s just say this ridiculously trumped up fable was actually true. So wot! It happened 70 years ago, let’s move on. Let’s get over it shall we. You go on about it every-single-day anyway; so why elaborate it now(?) How long have you been planning this 70 days for 70 years event? Probably the last 7 years.

There were 60 million+ deaths in the 2nd world war – CAUSED BY INTERNATIONAL JEWERY by the way. How about we have 70 days of whining about how we Gentiles suffered under this jewish ritualistic murder fest. Why are 6 million jewish deaths radically more important than 60 million Gentiles deaths? Is it because you deem yourself better people perhaps – chosen? That you see a death of a jew being more important than a death of Gentile? Well of course you do, you openly express this in your holy books.

But silly me, I’m using logic again. I keep forgetting you lot are junkies and that you just can’t help yourselves. Just like any self-obsessed, narcissistic, psychotic personality type. You just can’t help indulging in attention seeking. You just have to be special. You have to have centre stage; you have to have all the sympathy. Pathos – pathos – pathos – never forget – never again.

Well we say, get on and do your thing. Go on. Make fools of yourselves. Embellish this pity parade to the max; and let us see how utterly fatigued people will be after this 70 days kudos fest. We the people will be sick to our stomachs of hearing this H story. Like the Christmas turkey leftovers, your whining will be so unpalatable it no longer will have it power. “ENOUGH!” I can hear the people crying. “Let’s move on.”

Get over it Moshe

Plus there are going to be those amongst us who will be curious enough to do a bit of independent research into your fabrication of history ……..oh dear Rabbi the internet. Watcha genna do then, when the Truth sneaks out hey?? Your big fat porkie* has been exposed. Go on, keep pushing your cry wolf lie, because the more you do, the more people are going to say “Hold on a minute, they’ve lied to us about everything else; why wouldn’t this be another one of their lies?” And once that curiosity seed has been geminated, there ain’t no stopping it.

And you well know that everything is hinged on this lie. What a gamble you took way back then in the 60s when you invented this piece of guilt trip propaganda. It really was all your stakes on the table. You absolutely have to pull this one off, hence all your effort to shove it into our collective psyche. But it’s crumbling now isn’t Moshe. The cracks are beginning to appear, getting bigger and bigger each day. Even the ‘normals’ in society are beginning to sniff the dung in this fairytale.

Once this hollolie crashes to the ground – and it will. Then all your other dominos of lies will topple with it: that ‘the jooos’ did 9-11, that ‘G-d’s favourites’ were behind the black slave trade, that ‘the victimites’ instigated both world wars ……… infinitum. It’ll be game over for Babylonian Judaism.

So we say, go on Rabbi, push your fable. Relish in your self pity, remorse, revenge, pathos and artificially-created Gentile guilt trip. Because this will be your last party. The beginning of the end of judiac enslavement on humanity.

* porkie = cockney rhyming slang for pork pie = lie



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  1. anon

     /  January 26, 2015

    the world knows that the whole ediface of jewish lies in balanced on the holocuast, if that falls so will everything written since and balanced on the top. The tarot card of the tower
    shows it all becoming top heavy and falling over crashing to the ground, and analysis even tells us when.
    If the jews push russia too hard they may come clean with their wartime documentation
    lets hope so

    • Thank you Anon. I would encourage anyone interested in this Truth to read two books: “The Myth of German Villainy’ by Benton. L. Bradbury and ‘Hellstorm’ by Tom Goodridge

  2. mike

     /  January 26, 2015

    For anything, to persist, must contain a lie.Lying is an alteration of time, place, event or form.Then lying becomes altering of the truth and becomes stupidity.

  3. Fuck them. Hadn’t heard of the 70 days of holohoax until now. Rifuckingdiculous.

    Fuck them. These filthy creatures are going to keep shitting this stuff out of their mouths until we give them a real one. Anybody? About five years ago I was waking up some friends and their kids heard me explaining the lies of the holohoax in detail, with evidence. I heard about a week later that one kid about 12 or so had caused an outburst in class by challenging the teacher telling her he thought the whole thing was a gigantic hoax made up by the jews!!! Bwahahahahahahahhaa! Pardon me.

    Hey Digger, what about James Laffrey at ? He sure hates those creatures, totally exposes them and outs their lies in intelligent and thoughtful articles, BUT he is dead set on his mission to secretly kill j’s everywhere, one by one and usually winds up each article with the call for us to go do it. He doesn’t cite his own numbers though. Wouldn’t it be easier and more effective to roundup the ‘Committee of 300’, all politicians, all ‘royal’ families, all bankers, all corporate heads, all police, all media ‘heads’ and ‘newsbots’, all of Hollywood, all alphabet agency employees, all of wallstreet, their military lackeys, state of israhell, the Vatican,…well, nevermind maybe Laffrey is right.

  4. mike

     /  January 27, 2015

    People should check official census records and not listen to propaganda and the jew controlled media. I’ve read there were more jews in Europe at the end of the war than at the beginning and there were not even six million in Europe at the time of WW2.

    • Quite correct Mike – people SHOULD check official census records and not listen to propaganda. Sadly billions do.

      You are also correct on the your observation of figures – simple maths.

      Thanks for commenting.

  1. Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan Praises Trump for Standing Up to Jews – aladdinsmiraclelamp
  2. The Jew will always accuse you of what his/her tribe have done to you. – aladdinsmiraclelamp

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