One Role


The more one unravels the plethora of crimes against Gentiles, understandably the more one becomes outraged. 


But ……..

We have to have self control. We have to be martially disciplined. We absolutely must not fall for the trap of reacting in anger and lashing out with anti-Semitic attacks. I know it is tempting when you see what they have done to us. I mean really know what they have done to us and currently doing to us and plan to do to us. But we have to hold back with things such as hate graffiti and mindless violence on Jews.


In fact, this will only play into their hands. To some degree they need anti-Semitism to fuel their machine.

All we have to do is one thing and one thing only…………


That’s it. That’s all we have to do. That is our only role. Trying hard each day to propagate this distasteful Truth to whoever will listen. And more and more people are receptive these days. It is a super tough job. One of your most challenging life tasks, but like anything it gets easier the more you practice.

For those of you who are new to this and don’t know where to start, please have a look at this Truthing page below. There may be one or two tricks you may not have thought of.

The Truth is going viral now. Exponentially spreading and is unstoppable. Also it’s becoming more accurate. We just have to keep plugging away [tenacity]. We have to box clever, show restraint at times, become self disciplined. But at all costs, avoid any violence to Jewish people. This will only set us back years. Any attacks on jews will be embellished by their press. Even threats to jews they will capitalise on.

Please do not leave nasty threatening e-mails to Jewish departments.

Please do not scribble any anti-jewish graffiti in public.

Please do not write nasty, childish, spiteful remarks on forums.

Please do not scribble similar anti-jewish slurs in newspapers and magazines in public places.

Please do not make threatening remarks to jews in the street.

Please do not act out of character in a revengeful, hate-filled manner.

Instead route all your frustration and energy into doing constructive/productive acts such as:

writing articles, creating fliers and stickers with websites, print up articles and leave them around, make videos, talk to others, burn CDs/DVDs, share books on the subject, leave constructive informative comments on forums.

Use all your imagination, life skills and positive energy to just get the Truth out there. We haven’t got time for non-productive time wasting activities. We are in a Truth race, an information war. We have to be smart Truth warriors. Let’s hold our heads up and fight with dignity and pride. The Truth is on our side after all.


And remember, we only have one role to play in this battle – that is just to spread the Truth.



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