Devil Dylan

Sent with thanks from Tom the filthy.

So here we have Robert Zimmerman [a Jew], who plagiarised (stole) much of his material from original artists; making this admission. Well isn’t that surprising.

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  1. I’ve never understood the attraction to his music. His voice is just shitty.

    Even as a child (in his heyday) I couldn’t stand to listen to it.

    Nor have I ever understood anyone else who praises his “talent”. Isn’t it about time the Devil made his final arrangements and take him home?

  2. anon

     /  January 27, 2015

    What has only come out recently is that Bob Zimmerman ( Dylan ) did not write these protest songs. I met one of his close relations through the mafia back in the mid 70s, these are scary people. I was told back then he stole the materal.
    He was approached by a chap with a handful of songs he had written; Dylan said he would look through them and get back to him, but in true jew style he denied he had ever met this man and never paid him a cent.
    Just recently it has begun to come out.

  3. aj

     /  January 27, 2015

    He had a couple of good songs but otherwise grossly inflated reputation via the Jew media. E. Michael Jones’ book has some good dirt on him and his agent


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