Get ready – it’s coming!



People sleeping outside supermarkets for food in Venezuela.

Sent with thanks from Mr T

As we know; what happens ‘over there’ somewhere else in the world, will sooner or later happen to us…………because we did nothing to stop the shit happening to those suffering ‘over there’.

P-l-e-a-s-e ….snap yourself out of the mindset “It won’t ‘appen to meee

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  1. Things are real tight for us. I went to the grocery store and purchased $52.00 worth of food. It was enough to feed three people three meals. Luckily, we only eat two meals per day here.

    I noticed that soda is a $1 and chips are on sale and one can get all they want of processed foods at a fraction of the cost of the vegetable aisle.

    Oh, there is plenty of it (shelves are packed). But at some point that will change as well.

    I will be planting another garden this year, even though I have a decent job, because we are barely making it.

    • That’s is the importance of being awake. To thing most people out there don’t even notice this.

      However, even those who have gardens will suffer; due to the soil depletion, chemtrails and EMP.

      Thank you for commenting B’Man.

  2. Mike

     /  January 25, 2015

    I was in ASDA (AKA Walmart) the other day. I hate the place really. People pushing and shoving and buying rubbish food. I thought to myself if they act like this now how will the act in a crisis?. To say they would act like animals would be an insult to animals..


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