“Truth is not something subjective.”

~ Digger

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  1. Billy

     /  January 25, 2015

    Oy Digger. You are one of the very few sources I ever go to seek truth. So much out there is dis-info. Thank you.

    TRUTH. Trying to figure it all out. The darkness, and from it, the Jews and their dastardly devious 24 protocols of Zion. Spawning Wars, Terror, False Flags, lies, vaccines, smart meters, Chem trails, HAAARP, Agenda 21, GMO foods, spying, Indoctrination, etc.

    It’s been a long road and it seems to get darker with each turn. Lately my focus has been on Geo-engineering (Chem trails) and HAAARP. Yes, theses are symptoms of International Jew thuggery and the darkness that drives them. But, unlike GMOs, aspartame, HFCS, Smart Meters, vaccines, etc. That I can avoid…..I can’t not breathe in the Aluminum, Barium, Strontium and more that they spray on me 24/7/365. It makes me so mad that “they” can do this day in and day out and yet lie, deny and make counter accusations to all that would dare to ask WHY?

    My take on all of this? Genocide. “They” want a world with perhaps 500 million or less of us. In my deep research into Geo-Engineering, I have come to the conclusion that the spraying is causing Alzheimer’s, Autism, Parkinson’s, respiratory failure, COPD, compromised immune systems and more. The bees’s are dying. Trees are dying. Animals are dying. Plankton are dying. The water is toxic. The biosphere is under attack. Samples of water and earth in the USA are coming up with 50,000% higher levels of Aluminum than is normal. They steer and control weather with the metalized atmosphere and HAAARP, droughting some regions and flooding others. They create Typhoons, Hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes and droughts. They heat the arctic.

    I was thinking that Global warming was a hoax. Now that I have researched it, I have changed my mind. All my research leads me to believe that Global warming is happening. If this insanity continues and my research is correct, I believe that Global warming is the goal. Runaway global warming would be a very effective tool of the Kosher Kartel to cull humanity. All this spraying and HAAARP is not cooling the Earth. It is heating it. Once the Methane beneath the arctic is released, it’s game over in a matter of years for all of us.

    Well, I’m rambling. Just thought I’d share. Thanks for all that you do Digger.

    Attached below are excellent presentations on Geo-Engineering.


    • Thanks Billy or your support.

      I understand your concern for the chemtrails. Yes they are a big chunk of this agenda. Incredibly frustrating how the zombies amongst us cannot see these, nor care when you point them out to them. They are my litmus test for whether someone is capable of waking up. If they they just smirk at you when you point them out to them (even though they are physically in the sky and these clowns cannot notice them), then I do not even bother to talk about anything else. These idiots are too far gone – damaged.

      Yes global warming is real. But as you know not man-made by us, by jew-made to destroy planet earth. The jews are just conduits for a dark/demonic/archonic force.

      Thanks for commenting.


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