Two Types


Crudely speaking, there are two types of people in life – those that take and those that give.

And I am now at a point of realisation that these traits are pretty much fixed in one’s persona; probably from birth – we are either born a taker or a giver. That simple.

There are degrees and phases people go through in life; but in general terms, I think this seems to be how humanity is divided. I really do not think you can convert a taker to become a giver and visa versa. Often takers will adopt some of the traits of givers, but only for tactical and social reasons; not from their heart, not because they are compelled to do so. I think sometimes one can guilt a taker to be more giving; but you can guarantee within no time at all, they will return to their natural taker trait. Unfortunately the takers in society feed off the good will of the givers. It seems to have always been that way. Obviously these traits directly correlate with those who are selfies and those who are altruistic.

The purpose of this little post is to remind ourselves, that whilst we are looking at ‘those that control us’ – at the top of tree; we need to look around at those amongst us and ourselves. Because it really is the millions and millions of selfie takers amongst us, that are directly contributing to our enslavement.






energy vampires

often cowardly – as self preservation is paramount to them

they fleece you of your time, money, resources, skills and energy


crafty, sneaky, conniving ….in order to get what they want from others

people of no conscience

they see givers as pathetic softies and have little respect for them

I want, I need, I must have

self interests – as priority



How can I get?

insensitive to others feelings

predator existence and mindset 


they seek out givers to parasite off


strive to climb up the social ladder, no matter how they get there


always seeking value for money in others’ labour and talent

talkers not listeners – always having to interrupt ….about their issues

they often remind you of an item they once gave you, or a chore they did for you


no real connection to nature


Can I have?

have no affection or connection to animals

image concious

spiritually insecure

if they do ask “How are you?” – they rarely listen to the answer


giving presents is a chore, or calculated exercise – the gifts are usually thoughtless and impersonal

stimulants and comforts as priorities 

gotta have nice possessions – lots of them

they are not content unless they have got one over someone – a special deal

limpets in society


constantly striving to materialistically better themselves 

self-serving priorities and purpose in life

have no authentic empathy for others who are suffering or in need


take take take take take




providers to communities

those who are compelled to share

compelled to contribute in every environment they find themselves in


they go out of their way to altruistically help others

Can I offer …..?

sensitive to others’ feelings


feel embarrassed in situations where others are always providing for them

ask “How are you?” – and mean it and listen to the answer

deep connection to nature and the rhythms of Mother Earth

good willed and often too soft and forgiving with takers

good listeners

giving presents is a real enjoyment and the gifts are usually always thoughtful and appropriate gifts

Let me do that for you



deeply distressed by others who are suffering and in need

selfless outlook and the bigger picture in life

How can I give?

once they have given to you, they never mention it again

they are not lazy, they make the effort to contribute to society


willing to make personal scarifies for others, for the greater good

feel awkward about taking, without giving back in return

they genuinely ask ……“Is there anything I can do to help? ” and they follow through with it


spiritually orientated 

deep connection with animals, seeing them as sentient beings

they show levels of bravery for altruistic reasons

give give give give give



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