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  1. That is certainly something to consider… considering the way the world is run.

  2. I think that everyone who is demonized by the Jewish media is probably a good chap and called out their evil for what it is. Same for Hussein. Same for Gaddafi. And most especially the same for Hitler.

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    Something to consider?

  4. anonymous

     /  January 20, 2015

    Idi amin dada was actually a great heavyweight boxer and he loved anything scottish.
    what you have to remember is that africa is owned by the jews, the most precious things on the planet, diamonds rubies gold etc, comes mainly from here and is owned by rockefeller rothschild and oppenheimer, the minors who dig these from the earth have a life expectancy of 37 years of age, they do not even have clean drinking water
    thats how the jews treat them
    Idi amin did try to help his people, each month through the cold war a plane was monitored
    from North weald aerodrome, a tiny W W 2 istallation with a secret underground spy complex, this plane would leave for Uganda with medical supplies and rovers and several cases of scots whiskey. The USA and israel is trying right now to make uganda and nigeria accept homosexuality as its main sexual preference, same as over here, because they are refusing, they are both undergoing internal strife


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