Soul Harvesting


A very interesting comment sent in with thanks by Mike. 

I had heard of Steve Gamble about 5/6 years ago. But like many things, we do not return to them until we are ready for them. 


I was sent this by a friend Steve Gamble who has a website “Shopping for Spirit”. I hope it’s OK to post it here. For anyone interested.

Recent Terrorist Attacks. Why is this happening?Recent Terrorist Attacks. Why is this happening?

What people need to know to understand what is going on in the world at the moment.

This information may appear to be strange to many people, but I assure you it is all true. Control of humans, well those in power, control and influence in many areas, as well as the terrorists, is all carried out through controlling human ‘consciousness’. Now without going into long detail to explain ‘consciousness’, I will just offer one example using Donor Organs.

I would imagine that a few people are aware of the fact that many recipients of Donor Organs take on the likes, dislikes, memories and often the personality and character of the dead donor. There have been plenty of books covering this ‘issue’ with some recipients even being able to recognise the parents of the dead donor. Why? How? This is all to do with the sharing of ‘consciousness’, or more correctly the ‘Soul’ of the dead donor. Before the ‘donor’ is allowed to die the organs are ‘harvested’ and kept alive. Thus the ‘soul/consciousness’ of the donor remains alive and intact in the living organs. The Soul/Consciousness is literally the ‘who’ and ‘what’ we are, or more correctly, what we have become up to that point in time.

So when a donor organ is transplanted into the recipient, so too is the donor’s soul/consciousness; their memory, personality, character and so forth. This is why the ‘recipient’ often takes on the memories, personality, character, likes and dislikes of the dead donor because all this ‘memory’ this ‘soul/consciousness’ has been transplanted into them. So the recipient is ‘influenced’ both subconsciously and consciously by the soul/consciousness of the dead donor. This is just how consciousness works, and how we interact with nature and everything around us 24/7 through sharing ‘consciousness’.

So, being ‘influenced’ and sometimes ‘controlled’ by a different kind of consciousness external to our own is not only possible, it happens. This is no different when we look at how the Astral works to control and influence (most) humans. The astral uses ‘consciousness’ in the form of the Souls of dead humans, who are programmed with ‘information’ in the Astral Heavens before being ‘sent’ down to ‘occupy’ what they refer to humans as, a ‘human vessel’. This is known as Reincarnation and all the woes in the world today are created by these Reincarnated Souls (RS or Born-Agains as I call them) occupying human vessels through the astral-induced lie that is reincarnation. Reincarnated Souls are programmed in the Astral Heavens in Soul Groups to carry out certain predetermined acts on Earth before being ‘reincarnated’, or more correctly as RS call it, achieving a Full Meld or Full Occupancy, and therefore control, of the Human Vessel. It is here, in the Astral Heavens, where ‘souls’ are taught – well, mind-controlled and brainwashed would be more accurate – in Soul Groups. Soul Groups have to obey the Law of Silence and this ‘law’ ensures that no soul from any Soul Group can talk or mix with any soul from any other Soul Group. This is important to understand, because if these souls had been allowed to mix, these souls would know instantly that something was not right and that something really bad was going on. [As to ‘how’ this Astral Reality was formed and ‘how’ dead human souls end up there is beyond this short article, but will be explained at a later date.]

So, just like the recipient of a Donor organ can take on the likes, dislikes, memory and so forth of the dead donor, when a RS takes control of the human body it begins to influence that human in exactly the same way. Then the Soul (consciousness) of the occupied human begins to take on the beliefs and programming of the RS and the human commences on the road to fulfilling that predetermined astral-programming under the control of the occupying RS.

So allow me to offer an example of how this works. So, we have Soul Groups who will ‘occupy/possess’ those humans in positions of political power and influence, World Leaders, Politicians, Presidents, Prime Ministers and so on. These controlled humans will then ‘create’ the wars and conflicts, and long story short, leave behind the better armoury, artillery and weapons in the hands of the ‘rebels’ and ‘terrorists’, even sending Arms to their ‘chosen’ rebel groups – who just so happen to be part of another Soul Group. Then armed with this more advanced weaponry the terrorists are able to commit more attacks with more devastating outcomes, as we are witnessing today, especially in France over the last few days. This then allows the other humans, those politicians controlled by the reincarnated souls from the other Soul Groups to eradicate our freedom even further, taking us ever closer to a Police State and Dictatorship. All orchestrated by the astral reality and the programmed souls it uses to ‘occupy’ human vessels. For the record, reincarnated souls in this astral heaven have been programmed to view humans as, and I quote ’primitive’ and ‘lumps of empty soulless flesh’ who without their ‘occupancy’ would die early. [It is not within the scope of this Post to explain how souls end up in the astral or how they manage to ‘occupy’ – more correctly possess – a human vessel]. I will explain this if this Post encourages people to know more.

So as far as those RS occupying human vessels are concerned, they do not care one jot about what happens to human life. That of the human they possess and control, nor any other human that suffers or dies in the process of carrying out their programmed duties. Which is why we have Suicide Bombers and terrorists prepared to die for Martyrdom, it matters not one hoot to these RS what happens to the human vessel they ‘occupy’, because they know upon death of that human that ‘they’ (the RS) will just return to the Astral Heavens for more teaching (programming) before being readied for ‘another life’ in another human vessel. Some people would associate this kind of behaviour in a RS-controlled human as being psychopathic.

Now this is where it gets really interesting, and this is important. The ‘control’ does not end there. As the Astral, and the ‘reincarnated souls’ it uses to influence and control people, is a complete disease in consciousness, a tumour or cancer if you like, then the very thing they fear so much, and the one thing they fear more than anything – in fact they despise it – is purity of consciousness. Why? Pure consciousness is healthy, it is balanced and just as everything in Nature strives to restore balance (known as homeostasis in the human body), so too does the Earth try to restore balance and health to its’ collective consciousness by using this purity of consciousness. This pure consciousness is shared into the Earth’s consciousness by ALL living things, simply because everything living is animated by the Creative Spiritual Energy, including humans, and therefore their collective ‘consciousness’ is a perfect reflection of this Spiritual Energy, thus sharing this pure healing and balancing consciousness with all around it. Well, humans used to contribute positively to this healing but the astral has been able to control humans for thousands of years through belief systems created by its’ human-controlled puppets, their RS occupying human vessels in positions of power and influence. In fact humans are not even aware that it is they today who are, and have been, keeping this astral reality alive and helping it to grow by feeding it every day through the energy from their prayers, invocations, ceremonies and rituals. But that is another story for another article. Young babies are polluted early with over 30 toxic vaccines before 18 months to prevent them from growing up with a pure soul/consciousness, while older children are often abused by RS from all Groups. If none of this works then the education system steps in, and we have peer pressure and the ‘need’ to conform or be alone, and of course ‘belief’ systems, often imposed by parents from an early age play a huge and significant part. Yet there is so much more too.

So the astral has been able to nullify to a degree the threat coming from humans, but not from all living things, until now that is. In addition to the example of Soul Groups offered above, we also have Soul Groups who are responsible for the GMOs, the poisoning of nature, changing what is natural into something that is unnatural, something that now has a polluted consciousness. Similarly Soul Groups are responsible for creating the toxic chemicals used on the Land and Crops, polluting their consciousness too, while others create Fracking which is causing earthquakes and polluting the Land and Water supplies. Other Soul Groups create the toxic Chemtrails and the Geoengineering poisoning the Air as well as the land and life it falls upon; pollution of consciousness again. Other Soul Groups create the dangerous EMFs and HAARP which damages all living things polluting their consciousness too, while other ‘Groups’ create the Nuclear Power Stations which are killing off our Ocean Life and much more. Other Soul Groups are responsible for creating all the toxic medications and vaccines which pollute those who receive them. Other ‘Groups’ are programmed to change the education system, bringing in Common Core, and also in the US Islamic teachings and Sharia Law and much more is being introduced which further pollutes the soul/consciousness of our children. This is also why we are seeing terrorists freed in the US to go out and commit more atrocities, and everything else we can recall.

Other Soul Groups are sent down to create new beliefs, mostly new age ideologies, to control and pollute the souls of those humans who have moved away from religion. These new beliefs, include that of Yahweh now being transported into an intergalactic dimension-hopping space cadet; the Council of Nine, numerous false healing modalities and countless other false ‘beliefs’ too. All deliberately created to steer us away from the simple truth of what is, and has been, happening for thousands of years; possession of human souls by a diseased astral entity hell bent on destroying all things natural.

In fact the Astral is very good at creating distractions to what it is doing, leading people to lay the blame at another’s door so we ignore or completely miss the who and what the real enemy is. This is why today many people believe all the woes in the world are caused by sinister groups like the New World Order, or the Illuminati, or the Zionists, the Masons, the Bilderbergers or whoever else the RS puppets write about to deflect our gaze away from who and what the real cause is – the Astral and its’ Born-Again Reincarnated Souls.

There are many other examples I could offer, but I am hoping that the few listed above will help people to join the dots and gain a much greater perspective on how and why humanity is being controlled, and has been for thousands of years; why we are seeing all this destruction of Nature, the wars and the terrorism, the extinction of numerous species of wildlife and widespread destruction of nature and living things. Then there is this Global Agenda for depopulation of the planet. This has nothing to do with the earth being overpopulated. In fact in a recent study it was shown that ALL the people of the world could live in a small detached house with gardens in the state of Texas! So what is the real reason?

The real reason is that there are not enough RS to ‘infect’ (occupy) all the humans on the planet due to the population explosion in recent years. This alone represents a huge threat to the astral as more and more humans will become free of their control and begin to share their pure consciousness with the collective consciousness of the earth. They, the Astral, have to stop this purity of consciousness from growing and the only way is to reduce human population. We can see this around the world with many ‘medications’ and ‘vaccines’ and much more making more and more people sterile and unable to reproduce, never mind the ‘death by vaccine’ intentions of these RS and deaths of many species through GMOs. The astral is a toxic disease in consciousness and it can only create in its’ own image, which is by creating more diseased consciousness. Which is why the Mantra of the Astral is: ‘On Earth as it is in [the astral] Heaven.’

So what is this Astral Heaven? Reincarnated Souls call this ‘Heaven’ where they come from, “The Core of God”, “The Wheel of Evolution”, the “Web of Consciousness”, and more often just refer to it as “God’s Heaven”. Yes folk, the religious god is an astral god, a disease in consciousness, and symbolically speaking, the Devil itself. We’ve been duped, lied to and controlled and manipulated for far too long. It is time for us to wake up and stop feeding this diseased consciousness. Then, and only when we do will we begin to see a far better world where humans reunite as the one species we truly are. I wrote many years ago that nobody is coming to save us and that this was just another astral lie to keep us passive and controlled. However, we call all save ourselves if we wake up and become proactive instead of waiting for some mythical supernatural being to come and save us. It is up to us good people, only WE can make a difference.

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  1. Dennis

     /  January 17, 2015

    Jeez, I guess Dick Cheney actually DID get Darth Vader’s heart, after all!

  2. Well, idk Digger, it’s more preaching to the choir. The whole situation is contrived. I’m going to speculate on an important point. Look at what our enemy produces. Filth, porn, deviance in everything it touches. But, they, it, specializes in murder, mayhem, violence, suffering, pain, blood, gore. Just look at the movies and news movies they produce by the fucking score. It’s all they know. They thrive on it all. It is like some kind of sick violent fear porn human theater. I walked into a movie shop called Family Video. Holy fuck, the place was loaded with wall to wall jew violence, blood and gore!

    Think about something. Whoever engineered us not so long ago probably had a hand in creating or changing many forms of life. With the absolute abundance of the earth available, instead of creating only beings that thrive on the vegetable life, they created animals that kill and rip apart other animals and eat them. A kind of monster if you think about it. Whatever force of evil that guides or drives the so-called jews and their kind might be the same ancient evil referred to in ancient texts and holy books from the beginning. It isn’t necessarily something that can be put into words though.

    If you can break out of the trance of the human movie the jews and their television have now turned most of the world into (AT LEAST ON TV, HAHA), you can be overwhelmed by the truth of what you really are. Fear of death is their most powerful tool. Just look at their constant ‘news’ programs. Nothing but constant murder, mayhem, pain, to produce fear, and always asking the ‘victims’ how they feel. An objective look at what exactly and obviously they are doing here is very, very telling. Think about it.

    The death trap is called “belief”. As long as you are a subject of beliefs you can NEVER find the Truth. All you will have is a belief in the truth. Some say it is all a Test. Some say it is a priceless gift. Some say it is both. Personally, I’m totally blown away by the awesomeness of it and I damn sure ain’t gonna let no stinking rats change that.
    Ask yourself this: If the jew produces endless violence, gore, and faggotry in its movies, tv, and news programs, and print, and stops at nothing to push it on you from all directions, DO YOU THINK IT IS GOOD FOR YOU AND IN YOUR BEST INTEREST TO ABSORB THAT TRASH? Stay away from it. Keep it out of your mind. The ‘actors’ are 99% jews pretending to be White. Another good rule is NO NEGROES, NO FAGS, NO jews–good luck with that. If you let them on the tv they are IN YOUR HOUSE.

  3. Hadoestabut7745

     /  January 18, 2015

    The blood was the seat of the soul to primitives, but in modern times the idea of consciousness spreading ‘through the ether’ (Hundredth Monkey) has not to my knowledge been rigorously substantiated. (Studies / cites?) So while definitive proof should not be a constant demand, the weight attached to intuition-based awareness cannot be absolute either.

    Therefore absent definitive proof I might argue that the more plausible explanation for what is really happening in the world today is simply the playing out of evolutionary combat – the fittest for environment will tend to survive (and multiply its kind), not the ‘nicest’ or most altruistic or “enlightened”.

    ” .. .. ..a far better world where humans reunite as the one species we truly are”.

    Anatole A. Klyosov, Igor L. Rozhanskii – Re-Examining the “Out of Africa” Theory and the Origin of Europeoids (Caucasoids) in Light of DNA Genealogy
    (Likely the races (i.e. subspecies) of man (including Congoids, Caucasoids) are descended from a common ancestor and not from one “African” originator).

    The strands of racial and cultural differentiation have been spun so loose that universal brotherhood seems less of a plausible anthropological reality than another cynical trope of the world revolutionary movement and its proponents.

    “Far back in ancient times we were the first to cry among the
    masses of the people the words “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,”
    words many times repeated since those days by stupid poll-parrots
    who from all sides round flew down upon these baits and with them
    carried away the well-being of the world, true freedom of the individual,
    formerly so well guarded against the pressure of the mob.
    The would-be wise men of the goyim, the intellectuals, could not
    make anything out of the uttered words in their abstractness; did
    not note the contradiction of their meaning and inter-relation; did
    not see that in nature there is no equality, cannot be freedom; that
    Nature herself has established inequality of minds, of characters,
    and capacities, just as immutably as she has established subordination
    to her laws;….” Protocol #1

    Incidentally, was this article derived from The Astral Body (1927) by Arthur Powell or its antecedents? That book was based in Theosophy which according to Nesta Webster in Secret Societies and Subversive Movements, was derived ultimately from Kabbala / esoteric/ occult Judaism.

    Man has the power of mentation and the input of his senses. Without being wholly dogmatic, anything not based generally on the foregoing is suspect to me and will take a lot of explaining away by other means.

    In this case, are we not ‘chasing ghosts’? Why speculate on unworldly realms when we already understand the external causes of our predicament (many possibilities but for a succinct view see Ivor Benson’s This Age of Conflict (1988)). Does this cosmic speculation ‘get us anywhere’? And would we expect it to, if indeed it derives from the (Jewish) cult of Theosophy?

    ‘Distributed’, not centralised, is good. Independence of thought is good. Slavish belief and credulity are bad. Why should I believe the unsolicited caller at my door who claims he has ‘heard from God’, or Universe, or spirit, if I have not?

    So here’s the kicker: “it’s not the masons/bribed goyim politicians/elements of Jewry/wicked men of all stations/et al. – it’s…. The Astral!”

    R-e-a-l-l-y-? So the wicked are exonerated? Accountability kicked into touch?

    “In fact the Astral is very good at creating distractions to what it is doing, leading people to lay the blame at another’s door so we ignore or completely miss the who and what the real enemy is. This is why today many people believe all the woes in the world are caused by sinister groups like the New World Order, or the Illuminati, or the Zionists, the Masons, the Bilderbergers or whoever else the RS puppets write about to deflect our gaze away from who and what the real cause is – the Astral and its’ Born-Again Reincarnated Souls.”

    Sorry, but no. This is where activism becomes entertainment.

  4. Mike

     /  January 18, 2015

    I posted this on another forum and got loads of ridicule and insults.

  5. Mike

     /  January 20, 2015

    I’m glad you have the balls(for want of a better phrase) to post this article. Thanks.

  6. Hadoestabut7745

     /  January 23, 2015

    Was it Keats who said something to the effect that reality does not exist, until [unless] you experience it?

    There are many alternative realities promoted to us, but seldom – or never – do I find I experience any.

    Huffing and puffing won’t blow my house down. But this might, well, for those previously indoctrinated to be receptive:

    “[eng subs] American baptist preaching fed to UAF soldiers discovered by Motorola

    Published on 21 Jan 2015

    When cleaning out the ruins of the Donetsk airport NAF troops saved 16 UAF soldiers who were buried under the rubble, initially there were about 30 of them there, but only 16 survived while rests died waiting for help promised by their command that never came. Each of them had been given a solar-powered player with baptist preaching.”

    The big secret is: there is no big secret 😉


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