How we doin?


In any enterprise, business or personal project that we are involved with, we need to step back every now and then to revue how we are doing. To take an honest and objective look at exactly where we are at.

So where are we at in this ‘movement? Are we actually moving and if so going in the direction we want to go? At what pace, in comparison to our adversaries?

Here is a straightforward overview on how I view our position at present. I crudely have polarised this topic between the positive and negative aspects.




Pessimistic outlook

  • Although many of us are now saying that we are now now waking up; in my experience 95%+ of those awake are too fearful to actively go out of their way to do anything. To really do their bit to spread the Truth to new blood.
  • Sadly when I walk past lampposts and view the stickers, most of the time none are to do with the Truth. To me this is one of those little barometers to monitor the levels of consciousness in society. Very occasionally one can see a Truth related sticker. But you can guarantee it will just be ‘9/11 was an inside job‘ with a half-Truth website, or something about chemtrails, again with a half-Truth website. And even these don’t stay up for long. You will see lots of quality-printed left wing anti-fascists stickers though. I wonder who is funding them?
  • Likewise when I view all the graffiti; it’s the same nonsense – just a mess with zero Truth. No websites or films, such as …… google: 9/11 MISSING LINKS
  • Most people we interact with are in a matrixified trance, including our friends and family. Their programming and hypnosis is too deep. They are too far gone to even bother with.
  • One only has to look at the traitorous actions of those amongst us, to realise we have a mountain to climb. All those mind-controlled sellout traitors in public positions who are ‘just doing their jobs’.
  • The sheople still vote!! How can that be at this stage in the game?? To think people still cannot see through the voting sham – despite having observed these smooth puppet politicians blatantly lie to them again and again. And these puppets laugh at these voters. Yet the sheople still trot along in their millions to the polling stations. Whilst mumbling to themselves how they don’t trust polititians.
  • The sheople still watch TV believing the BS. Absorbing and repeating the programming. Whatever ‘The News’ tells them they willingly repeat. Wilfully comfortably ignorance.
  • Most people still accept authority from those goons who claim to have ‘perceived’ authority over them – due to mind control and fear.
  • Football, golf, cricket and all the pathetic sad forms of distraction [enter-tain-ment = enter the mind] are intrinsic part of our selfish, uncaring society. The ball games are still important to the hypnotised masses.
  • Most people care more about their precious money and material gain, than the suffering of others around them and ‘over there’.
  • These maniacs can blatantly spray our skies with weird unnatural lines and formations and most people don’t even notice – and don’t even care when you physically point this mess out to them.
  • Most people (chose to) believe that the Jews were victimised oppressed innocent people of the evil nasty NAZIs and have swallowed the whole holohoax narrative.
  • People fear their government and the government goons – yet through cognitive dissonance, pretend to themselves they are somehow free citizens…..oh dear.
  • Just look at the damage done to us. On every level. How degraded, ill-disciplined, self-serving most of us have become. Spoilt and poisoned by either decadence or short-term Pavlovian comforts. We are not our potential.



When we view that lot, it is difficult to have any hope whatsoever that we will get ourselves out of this sorry state. But there is hope. And more and more signs of realistic hope each day. Here are some:


Optimistic outlook

  • People are definitely waking up! On two levels, or a combined level – in terms of the Truth as well as spiritually. More so than any of us have experienced. Some days it is hard to notice at all, but we are now physically meeting more people who are at least aware there is a conspiracy against mankind. That’s a start.
  • Those that are awake at the Illuminati/NWO level stage are s-l-o-w-l-y coming around to zionism as an intermediate stage.
  • Those who have just played the spectator role for many years are ‘finally’ beginning to pull their socks up. More and more Jew-wise websites are out there now. More and more comments are being plastered on main stream media comment boards exposing this distasteful Truth. This cannot be denied.
  • Just because we are damaged – at present; does not mean we cannot repair. Just like a dilapidated building, or boat can be fully restored to it’s former condition. Exactly as Hitler restored the spirit and self worth of his Jew-damaged people – we too can clean up and embrace our true self worth.
  • Just because most people are brain washed and followers and repeaters; we can focus our attention on all those who are awake; then down the line, these followers will have no choice but to follow us. That is what sheople do.




Obviously an ambivalent overview. And I’m sure there are many of us who have days of real hope and days of suicidal despair. This is perfectly natural.

However I do know that if even if we do scape through this, we are in for a very rough ride ahead. A tough fight indeed.

I also know that unless we brave up NOW and stop the endemic procrastination, and become warriors – we won’t stand a chance in hell of survival.


Hence it is essential that those of us ‘in the know’ do all we can to spread the Big T.



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  1. Digger- I have shown this video to dozens of people and friends. It may seem like a simple video but it has real POWER. So far everyone I have shown it to responds with…Silence. It is so true and powerful that they need time to process it.
    I applaud this man. He is also a pilot that travels around spreading his truth to his race. Now, any man, especially a black man who has this much courage to stand against the jew deserves our respect. What do you think?

    [video src="" /]

  2. Well, let’s get our proper perspective on this first, Digger:

    [video src="" /]

    [video src="" /]


    …you were saying?


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