The Holocaust Hoax and the Jewish Promotion of Perversity



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  1. anon

     /  September 6, 2015

    DID you know ? that after the 1938 protection of children act, homosexuals were told more than one offence and you go into the camps.
    Hitler made it law that animals and children could not be experimented on, its now common knowledge that in the USA and UK children even babies are used to test vaccines medication etc in secret, in fact Africa has many many disabled children because they have no means to sue, the jew run drugs companies get round this by calling it an ” act of god”
    and test new drugs regularly there.
    The only time that the jersey care home was not infested with homosexuals was when the Germans held the island. a local hotelier family has spoken on TV about this, so where did the idea come from that germans were homosexual ? from jewish propaganda that’s where.
    Its the jews who abuse boys and this is the reason why.
    The talmud and other jewish scripts says its right and every jew should experience the flesh
    but also when a boy is circumcised, he loses the most sensitive area of his penis, the head which is usually covered and has a thin film of antiseptic flowing round it dries up and becomes hard as leather, this means the man has to be very rough to achieve release
    and most women cannot give him that climax, so he goes for the anus which is stronger and tighter, many of the jewish run 120 brothels fronted by Russians closed recently had young boys, and elm house Barnabus house and other homes and schools were set up for this purpose.


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