nature nuture


Does the individual termite know the exact formation of the termite mound? I mean does it attend regular group meetings, or training sessions to discuss the final architectural outcome of the mound? I think not. I think the termite simply busys itself just as a termite is programmed to do. As nature intended. Playing it’s small incremental role in the bigger picture of the termite colony.

So what about the individual Jew? How does he or she function as far as his or her anti-Gentile, anti-social behaviour? I do not believe each Jew who is playing his/her compartmentalised role within the Jewish community is necessarily consciously aware of the bigger picture. I do not think they read the Talmudic doctrines, or even have read and study the Protocols. I also do not think most of them even attend meetings at the synagogue to architect their anti-social shenanigans.

But I do believe it is a combination of nature and nurture along with demonic influences using Judaism as a conduit for evil. One only has to read their own admissions to realise this collective mindset.

But just like the busy termite; the individual Jew who is playing his or her specific role in this whole Jewish conspiracy, is acting out their perfect role within their programmed collective psyche.

It’s nothing personal – just business, just playing a role.


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