Cleansing foods


This is just an overview of a cleansing diet, which I personally would use as general principles and preventative/maintenance health. It is not conclusive.

Detoxing the body has to be the first move before we can begin to heal. Like a good car mechanic ridding the engine of old oil and giving it a cleanse before replacing it with quality oil. I hope this list is of some use to you. We have to try and combat the mass attack on our health and souls.




Healthy Food

  • organic fruit and veg, including ginger root, garlic and fresh herbs
  • lots of lemon and lime drinks – hot or/and cold
  • herbal and fruit teas (with lemons and limes)
  • sprouted foods (can sprout your own using hemp sprouting bags)
  • fresh wheatgrass and barley grass


Additional food items    [* = animal produce]

  • cider vinegar
  • coconut oil (for cooking)
  • yeast-free vegetable cubes
  • turmeric
  • Himalayan salt (pink)
  • non-dairy milks: any of the nut milks, hemp milk, rice milk. Avoid soya. You can make your own with a ‘Yoah’ milk maker machine.
  • seaweed – various types. Eat a variety.
  • combination of seeds: flax, hemp, sunflower, pumpkin, poppy, etc.
  • nuts – mixed and pre-soaked in water, or plant-based milks, and coconut milk.
  • legumes: lentils, variety of beans, chick peas, etc
  • cold-pressed virgin oils: hemp, flax, sunflower, sesame, etc
  • * manuka honey (higher grade the better) Avoid supermarket cheap honey ….cos it ain’t honey, it’s just glorified SUGAR.
  • dried fruit in moderation (watch they are not coated with sugar substitutes)
  • home-made humous
  • * kafir
  • tahini
  • * fresh fish: especially deep sea fish
  • spelt pasta
  • buckwheat
  • rice cakes
  • spelt, or rice bread in moderation
  • biodynamic eggs (you can eat 6 a day if you wish, because it is a myth/propaganda that cholesterol is bad for you. Animal cholesterol is essential for ‘long term’ health)


Additional items for healing [handy items to have around the house]

  • colloidal silver
  • aloe vera plant (even gel)
  • bicarb soda (aluminium-free type is best)
  • t-tree oil
  • iodine drops
  • comfrey cream
  • vitamin E capsules, or creams (for skin conditions)
  • epsom salts (for bathing)
  • ‘Weleda’ arnica massage balm


General healthy supplements 

[must be good quality, such as Solgar or Biocare]

  • multivitamin and mineral
  •  fish oil capsules (not cod liver oils)
  • multi vit B
  • Vit D


Cellular health

Try and not get too bogged down in conditions, symptoms and ailments. These are just labels. Try to think that the body only really cares about the condition of the cells, tissues and blood; and certainly not any labels. Labels are for careerists (specialists and experts ££££) in health departments. So essentially we really only need to focus on our cellular health.

There are four elements to good cellular health:

1/. Alkalised cells

2/. Hydrated cells

3/. Oxygenated cells

4/. Mineralised cells

Once these four elements are in place, the body has the right foundation to heal and repair. However, please see The Godai below.


Cold turkey

Many, if not all ‘symptoms’ (cellular breakdown) are caused by a build up of over-acidity and yeast build up, which causes parasitic infection.

To rid oneself of parasites and candida type problems; one needs to cleanse.

I would suggest to anyone new to cleansing/detoxing; tackle it gradually. This is the procedure I would suggest for most people:

1stGentle detox

Moving away from sugar-based foods and eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. Soups and salads diet.


Trying to eat less meals; perhaps only having one healthy meal a day, with a few small healthy snacks, such as vegetable slices with humous, or/and nuts, etc.


As above, but introducing sprouts, wheatgrass and green juicing into your diet, as replacements to meals. Keeping your diet as raw as possible.

4thLemon fast  

Try to go without any food whatsoever, for at least a day. Good if you can go three days without food. Be careful! If you have never fasted before, you may wish to only try a day at a time. The three days may need building up to over months.


As symptoms dissolve, return to a raw diet and monitor your health. If you feel you have resolved your condition; then go back to 2nd stage of semi-fasting, having one healthy soup a day. Then return to the 1st stage of a gentle detox.


The temptations to eat sugary-based foods are ubiquitous in this society. If you do indulge, just get back on the wagon as soon as you can.

The more you clean up, the easier it will get. You not only will be re-programming old bad habits; but as you cleanse, you will be literally starving and killing the parasites within you. It is the parasites which are craving the sugar-based/yeast/acidic foods. The less parasites you have in your gut, the easier it will be for you to resist these acidic foods and drinks. Alcoholics are really craving sugar, the high parasitic content within them are craving the acidity/yeast that alcohol provides.

In addition when you begin to eat a cleaner diet, you will not only find you will not want a desert after a meal; but you will crave less food. Therefore lose weight, (or gain weight as the body comes into equilibrium). You will feel physically good with noticeably more energy, be mentally balanced/stable; reacting less to external stimuli, such as negative situations and environments, like catching colds in winter and allergies.

In addition you will feel good about yourself knowing that you have self-discipline and self-worth, that you care about yourself enough not to degrade your body. It is a win win win eating a healthier diet.


Cost of eating healthy

The cost to just to eat fruit and vegetables that was just normal only two generations ago has become outrageous. Health food shops these days are really for the ‘haves’ in society. The middle classes seem to be the only people who can afford to regularly shop in these places. However, there are farmers’ markets and box schemes which can be considerably cheaper. Also, you may find somebody local who grows their own fruit n veg. This will help keep the costs down. You could start up your own small allotment with some fellow-minded souls. Share the costs, share the produce.

Of course lemon fasting has to be the cheapest cleansing diet around. And one of THE most effective! In addition, when you are not constantly buying comfort foods (to feed the parasites within you), then you have more money to pay for quality foods, which are good for you.


Accumulative Killers

The four main killers which are literally killing us off (slow kill) are:

1/. SUGAR!!!

This is the biggy. Sugar is in EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. Cigarettes (hence the cravings), pills from the doctors (hence the cravings) and carbohydrates such as wheat (hence the cravings). And sugar’s relatives are not friendly to you either. The dysaturate sweeteners such as fructose, dextrose, etc. Even the natural monosaturate sweeteners such as coconut sugar are still going to create a candida/yeast/acidic environment …..which are a breeding ground for parasites. And the parasites will destroy you from within. All sugar is really just sweet poison, just domestic legalised heroin.

2/. Wheat 

Surprise surprise. What we eat is GMO frankenwheat, with hardly any connection to the original ancient wheats.

3/. Dairy

Why are we the only animal which continues to consume milk (and its byproducts) after we have weened as adults? Why are we the only animal on this planet which has milk from another animal? [in nature a giraffe would never have milk from a tiger, or a donkey from a monkey]

Plus the dairy industry is an incredibly cruel industry. The sound of the cows angst when they have their calves taken away from them, should haunt us all.

The milk we consume, even organic, is not conducive to our health. There are so many plant-based alternatives available now to milk, such as coconut, almond, hemp, etc [avoid soya].

4/. Trans fats

Foods which have not only been cooked, so they are deplete of their original nutrition; but foods which have had their form completely distorted by processed de-natured trans fats. i.e. biscuits/cookies, cakes, etc.


How to eat

How to eat is as important as what to eat. These five pointers should help:

(i) Chew your food, take your time to appreciate your meal at a relaxed pace. Never wolf food down. By masticating the food in your mouth first before swallowing, the enzymes in your mouth have a chance to pre-digest the food prior to further ingesting in the stomach.

(ii) Eat smallish mouthfuls, for the same reason as above.

(iii) Only eat two cupped hands full at one sitting. 3/4 course meals are very unhealthy.

(iv) Look into food combining. This is probably one of the most overlooked area of nutrition, even for long term healthy eaters.

(v) Try to have a variety of foods each day. Mix n match for interest and for health benefits. Eating a spectrum of colours is a good general guide.


The Godai

In more broader terms, regarding wellbeing; the body is in good balance when these following five elements are in harmony. However these days these elements are under attack. In ancient Japanese medicine, this is called The Godai.

1/. Structure – posture, correct movement, (spinal mechanics)

2/. Fuel – nutrition/diet

3/. Energy – our life force energy, or chi, our battery power

4/. Environment – clean air, water, atmosphere, in alignment with nature

5/. Mind/Emotions – at peace, without stress

Encapsulating all these five elements is spirituality. Our spiritual approach to life.


Good health


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  1. aj

     /  January 8, 2015

    If people want to make kefir at home, is a great site. Natural “longevity” medicine as far as I can tell. Those old guys in the Caucauses who father children late in life drink this stuff and I have noticed the difference.

  2. Good information Digger.
    My list is nearly identical to yours. I made it myself, step by step, based on knowledge of each beneficial item found and added to my diet and life, replacing kosher poisons.

    There is one important thing missing. Vitamin D levels are absolutely crucial to good health. With the sun sprayed over most of the time it is even more important. I found out about taking good clean as possible D-3 around 5,000 IU daily, (more or less as needed to keep blood test levels over 80), or every other day. The results are that I have not been sick at all even once since the day I started taking D-3- EIGHT YEARS AGO! Replaced the sick american diet with 95% ORGANIC FOOD step by step over about two years, and removed ALL other toxins from my life. YOU MUST DO THIS.

    Now my health is very strong, I NEVER GET SICK and I FEEL GREAT! D-3 5000 I.U.

    One more great thing you might add is this: The Five Rites of Rejuvenation


    • Thank you Mr White,

      Good call. I had thought of adding vit D. It was more difficult to know what not to put in there.

      Thank you for contributing.

      • Digger- You know D-3 is called the ‘sunshine vitamin’ even though it is more of a pro-hormone immune system enhancer. I read a study years ago that correlated ALL disease with two things: Acid ph in the body and blood; low vitamin D levels. Further study shows this to be near universally true. Logic then says to alkalinize your body and blood and raise your vitamin D levels to prevent disease.
        VERY GOOD YOU PUT BAKING SODA ON YOUR LIST. I use Aluminum free, 1/2 tsp in 1/2 cup water 1x, 2x, 3x daily. You can see my Food-Health page on QT.COM. It’s nothing to brag about mind you, but it’s there for a start:

        Now, I stepped back and looked at the jew problem to see HOW they have done all this to us. How did they wrap the entire world in their poisonous tentacles?

        They did it step by step, piece by piece, lie by lie, murder by murder, (no need to go on with this) just like building a huge building. I’ve worked on some huge buildings that you couldn’t possibly envision how to build, but it went up, piece by piece, step by step, day by day- according to plans. Finally, there stands this gigantic complex structure.

        THAT IS WHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO US. EXACTLY. So, logic says to REVERSE THE PROCESS. Step by step, piece by piece, just like replacing the poison fake food step by step, you replace the lies, one by one with truths. I know I’m not telling you anything, but that’s what I have personally done.

        That’s what QT.COM is. I put it up over 20 years ago. It contains only information that can stand the Test of Truth. I just put up whatever the hell I feel like or that can help somebody out. No blog. No comments. Reading all the links and watching all the videos from beginning to end is equivalent to a Masters Degree in Truthology. Hehe
        If you, Digger, went through it and found anything whatsoever that wasn’t 100%, I, Mr. White, would be grateful! Run it through the Digger Truth Grinder: http://QT.COM
        Take care.

      • Thanks Mr White,

        Agree with your health briefing…..alkalise and Vit D. The real problem with health is not so much vit D, but the big D – Discipline. Not many of us are self-disciplined and able to ‘control the senses’ …..including myself. One thing knowing all this, another saying no to temptations on a regular basis when it is all around you ad everyone around you is eating this shite.

        Also agree that the problem is incrementalism. But again, this also stems from self-diciline. We all have incrementally accepted what the jews have provided us. It has only ever been ‘offer and acceptance’. Tis our fault. We have ben weal and ALLOWED every aspect of our hypnosis, because it’s easier to lean towards short term comforts, than have the hassle for our long term freedom. As you know, most of us are weak, myopic and ill-disciplined.

        Thank you again for contributing.

  3. Mike

     /  January 10, 2015

    The best food is starchy veg, fruit and some rice, quinoa or buckwheat IMO…No animal proteins which contribute to diabetice, cancer , strokes, heart problems ……..
    The best food is basic and humble. None of that ego based crap you may see on the cooking programs.
    I have a steamer for my rice and veg and a juicer which I normally juice cucumber and celery which are good cleansers and packed with enzymes.
    I don’t use any oil as they can cause gut permeability. If I want to fry veg I use water and it cooks in it’s own juices. A good film that explains the importance of good gut bacteria and health (although I don’t agree with eating anmal proteins) is this.:

    Catalyst Documentary – Gut Reaction

    • Thanks Mike. I have been a veggie for over 30 years. However now I do not think veganism is a ‘long term’ healthy diet. I think we do need some animal produce. I think veganism is another meme and slow kill. I have observed ‘long term’ vegans becoming very ill. Just my observation. I generally eat a plant based diet and it works. However I do eat some animal produce. I really do think we need animal cholesterol. The proteins from animals is completely different from plant-based proteins.

      I will not be able argue this. I do not have enough academic/scientific evidence. This is just my personal experience/observation being in the animal rights movements for about 30 years. I do not think one needs to eat meat; especially factory-farmed meat. But the occasional biodynamic eggs and kefir and raw milk, etc. Although the cruelty to cows/calfs in these industries is abhorrent.

      Said with respect.Thank you for contributing.

      • Hey Digger- You are right again. Although it can be done, changing diet to vegetarian is risky. I learned this the hard way when I discovered the food supply was totally poisoned and also realized that killing animals and flesh eating just seems wrong. Over several years on raw and cooked organic vegetables, beans, etc., I lost a pound or two a month without noticing it until I dropped from 210 to 170. I’ve never been fat, just the opposite. Had to seriously increase my intake and got back on vigorous workout schedule. I still eat 95% organic food, much more is available now, and juice a lot, but I had to put meat back in my diet and so now I’m back up to 190.

        Yes, we were mislead and accepted it just like our parents. People, if you can call them that, pretending to be good but lying through their fucking teeth misled the generation before to create a self-fulfilling cycle. Here’s the thing, our ancestors showed us what we need to do by the examples of their own lives, how living was before individually and collectively corrupted by jew poisons. We don’t just need to discipline ourselves to avoid the jew poisons of mind, body, and spirit, it’s not enough. I hold rank in Judo and Tae Kwon Do and no way to stop after 40 years. A STRONG BODY MAKES A STRONG MIND. By studying our ancestors knowledge it gives us real power and the right path all in sync with the rhythms of the universe. That is what the jew has disconnected us from with their bogus calendars and endless lies on just about everything. I address this on QT.COM along with a hundred other very important, carefully selected, personally approved links, documents, and videos arranged in a non-linear way. EVERY LAST THING ON QT.COM IS IMPORTANT FOR OUR PEOPLE TO KNOW OR I WOULDN’T HAVE PUT IT UP THERE! It is some of the best of the best put up there by someone who knows. Verify it for yourselves.

        Note to Digger: Good work man. I know you are a fighter. I sense a desperation in some of what you say though. GOOD NEWS: The tide IS turning. The critical mass is almost here. Can you feel it? It’s the Year of the Rope. Time to turn up the heat.

        “It ain’t over ’till the fat lady closes her tacklebox.” -Hot Rod Johnson

      • Thank you Mr W. You make a lot of sense. Desperation in my writing – ha 🙂 made me chuckle. I am inconsistent but nature. Some days hope, some days wanna pack up tools. Glad that you practice jew-jitsu.

        Thank you for contributing.

  4. Mike

     /  January 10, 2015

    Fat Sick and nearly dead.
    How juicing saved this man’s life.

  5. Hey I got to running my keyboard and forgot the most important thing I wanted to say.

    The poison gmo corn and glyphosate cocktail that is in 90 fucking percent of everything is KILLING OUR GUT BACTERIA. Our gut bacteria colonies compose the largest organism in our bodies. Our virgin digestive systems get charged with our mother’s gut bacteria in the colostrum, the first drink of breast milk, and store some in the appendix to restore it in case it gets killed off. It is absolutely vital to our immune systems and our health. That’s what monsatan is killing with its gmo poisons and pesticides. IT DESTROYS HEALTH, decimates our immune systems, and allows a multitude of unfriendly bacteria to proliferate. Acid body, Crohns disease, IBS, leaky gut, a hundred other things happen when your gut bacteria colony is killed off and replaced with MONSATAN GMO BACTERIA!



  6. mike

     /  January 11, 2015

    The problem with a vegan diet is that they eat wheat and quite a lot of oil. Which I don’t eat.
    It seems that the healthiest are cultures that eat mostly plant based foods and rice and little meat.

    • Agree. I do think pescetarian, with raw food is the more favourable diet. But it’s all so individual and how one eats, one’s environment and genes, etc.

      I think veganism is another ‘slow’ kill.

  7. Mike- It looks like the warnersteins blocked ur video on jewtube here “on copyright in your country.” It’s a good video I’ve seen it.

    Fuck them. Watch this excellent video on what juicing does. (I think the enema part might be useful if your colon is totally fucked up with monsanto gm gut bacteria and needs a total flush but otherwise not into that.)

    [video src="" /]

    Might as well throw this out, too. RUN FROM THE CURE – RICK SIMPSON

    So, in the 1990’s it was discovered that we have an ENDO-CANNABINOID SYSTEM! Wonders never cease.

    If you have ANY health problems or especially ANY cancer, please see the vital Cannabis information on QT.COM. I put it there because it is absolutely lifesaving medicine proven by thousands and thousands of people curing themselves with it.
    There are also links to get lifesaving Iodine and good food-based, liquid, non-gmo, organic vitamins that I use myself. I don’t sell anything and have no ads on QT.COM.

    Hey Digger- That’s where the step by step, piece by piece solution comes in. No, you’re not packing up tools yet unless you want docked. The job is not done. Take away one jew lie or status quo falsehood at a time AND REPLACE IT WITH SOMETHING GOOD AND TRUE. Remove one piece of fake poison food AND ADD SOMETHING REAL. Get some more tools from our ancestors. THE GREAT PYRAMID IS THE PLACE TO LOOK. Good food makes you feel good. All the things on your list make us stronger. Good thoughts especially. Nothing is easy when you are run down. I think I’ll go outside and tear a tree out of the ground now. hehe

    It’s all there on QT.COM but you will have to look for it – part of the deal – I promise it is worth it. Here is a sample:
    Here, I can’t resist adding this genius’ work:
    We are gathering Power! Get Ready to turn up the heat.

  8. mike

     /  January 11, 2015


    • I know don’t buy this in it’s totality. I do believe we need to support vegetable protein with small amounts of animal protein. This does not mean we need to be part of the cruel factory farming industry.

      Thank you anyway.

  9. I had another thought…(or is it an essay) about cleansing, that is, knowing that the jew controls all media, and observing that everything these creatures pump out whether on their fake and poison ‘news’ programs, or their movies and regular programs, (“We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.”) is always, always, focused on violent murder, blood and gore, disgusting sickness like faggotry and pedos, hypersex, or multiculti perversion of what is good, etc. I’m asking, okay what are they trying to pull off? Knowing that the jew can never tell the truth and always does the opposite of what is good or right, we would be right over 90% of the time by just doing the opposite of whatever the jew wants or is trying to cause because it can’t be good for us!!

    Presto. If I turn the TV on I see nothing but jews pretending to be White crawling all over it and they always include their pseudo-politicians pretending to be important. Their ‘news’ is just too ridiculous and fake and false to even count, BUT IT SURE IS VIOLENT. Almost every channel is covered with negroes or negroes hopping on White blonds. If not, there is probably some kind of faggotry. So, one asks, what the hell is up with this disgusting shit they are spewing at us?

    IF YOU LET THEM FILL YOUR MIND WITH SHIT, FILTH, VIOLENCE, FAGGOTRY, AND BLOOD AND GORE, GUESS WHAT, THAT’S WHAT YOU WILL BECOME. It is in direct opposition to everything our magnificent race has invented, created and built that covers the entire world. That is why they desperately try to prevent us from recovering our true heritage and old knowledge. Because the day we do in any large number, the jew is history. Just imagine how if the world’s media and television came back into the hands of honest decent people how powerful it could be for the cause of Good rather than evil. It is a subtle and powerful weapon in their hands for now. Use serious discretion not to let them hurt you with it or just stay away from it altogether.

    Dump all the garbage we unknowingly allowed these creatures to fill our heads with and replace it with all the things good and true, as we are called by the voice of our ancient ancestors to do now.

    This is an awesome document that came down through ancient White Egypt and was claimed by Pythagoras (similar to all ‘Greek knowledge’ that was lifted from Egypt). It is one of the most heavily downloaded things on QT.COM:


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