“Those that try to label us who expose the Truth as anti-Semites (even though we have nothing against the Semitic peoples of the world i.e…Arabs and Palestinians)

– these accusers are: anti-nature, anti-humanity, anti-compassion, anti-goodness, anti-culture, anti-peace, anti-Gentile, anti-social and anti-life.

Wouldn’t it be prudent of us to address these ‘anti’ people(?)”

~ Digger



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  1. anon

     /  January 9, 2015

    and dont forget anti-christian, they are ‘jesus deniers’ they killed him, and in russia they closed all the churches robbed them and pulled many down, alexader solzenitszin said between 65 and 110 million christians all murdered, he said the whole middle class was exterminated, and in poland the katyn forest massacres where all the intellectual middle class in their thousands were killed off, and over here now the communists i power are wiping ourt our middle class, thats the reason why they are importing in millions of outsiders

  1. The Jew will always accuse you of what his/her tribe have done to you. – aladdinsmiraclelamp

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