Take a wild guess


Have a guess which one of these two types of people are a threat to International Jewry …….


Person A

  • Sits around moping and moaning all about ‘the Jews’, and just watches endless hours of youtube videos about this agenda.
  • Spends equivalent of many weeks throughout the year as a bookworm, gathering more and more information on this conspiracy.
  • Goes to Truth meet ups, for social reasons, to chat with other ‘troofers’ who are half-Truthers and equally ‘Person A’ types.
  • Goes down the pub to meet their pals and when the first beer goes down their necks, they roar on about what they plan to do (as they did last time they had Dutch courage)
  • Goes on forums and websites of those who are trying to do things and nitpicks that they used a fucking swear word and a few spelin mistakes.
  • Enjoys just in-fighting and creating hassle within the ranks.
  • Becomes engrossed in all the endless online debates, such as HOW 9/11 was done and not WHO did 9/11.
  • Diverts all their time, energy and resources to the the plethora of symptoms of this agenda, such as animal rights, charities, and specialised fields such as chemtrails, etc.
  • Spends all their spare time on their favourite hobby or various self-serving interests.


Person B

  • Starts up a blog/website in order to help get the Truth out there.
  • Gets out there beyond the internet and distributes fliers, leaflets, stickers and burnt CDs/DVDs on the Truth.
  • Visits non-Truth websites for the pure reason of dumping Truth threads.
  • Writes articles/essays and offers them to other bloggers for posting.
  • Supports others who are doing their bit for the Truth, in every way they can.
  • Who prints up articles and conveniently leaves them (with website addresses) in public areas for newbies to read.
  • Who spends a huge amount of their time, energy and resources trying to actively get the Truth out there.


Take a wild guess.



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  1. I think that only one issue I haven’t done for “Person B”, which is print out articles and leave somewhere.

    But I promise I will do so this week. It is a great idea because you can cast (leave) the pearls before the swine without the attack from the knee-jerkers and/or shills.

    • Thank God (if there is one) that there are Truth warriors like you out there B’Man.

      Yea, have been doing a lot more of this article printing the last year, leaving lists of websites on them. I seem to always ‘conveniently’ forgetfully leave them in washrooms and on trains 😉

      Thanks for for being a Person B


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