Regular crumbs


Times are hard!


Well, for those of us who are not serving the beast. We can tangibly feel the squeeze these days. But there are many amongst us who have their low-paid jobs, or pathetically paid pensions, or are able to stretch out their savings. All of them just about paying the bills, making ends meet.

But I can see that as a danger to society. It is because they are able to make these payments (albeit with a struggle), that they are  at risk of becoming even more servile to the beast. This is because they are understandably so scared of losing these pitiful regular crumbs, that they dare not speak up about their oppression.

They have become conditioned to be grateful for these sad Pavlovian rewards. These people will never dare to rock the boat, for fear of loss. Stuck in procrastination mode – waiting, waiting, waiting for some economic, spiritual miracle from an external source which is going to save them.

The sad thing is, these people who are mere shells of their real potential, know in their hearts that one day soon they are going to lose these crumbs anyway. They know the futility of their procrastination; yet are stuck, staring at the oncoming headlights.

It isn’t until this mass of scared people lose their precious crumbs, lose it all, that there will ever be an uprising. Sadly, by that time, it will be too late, because they will be so utterly desperate and vulnerable; that they will be putty in the hands of these demonic masters of evil.


This is why it is essential that we do all we can NOW, prior to any breakdown in society. 



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  1. Please and thank you are the golden rule. I think we need to be careful with the memes they put out for mass consumption… sorcery is spell crafting…

    GRATITUDE… we are always being reminded how important it is to be grateful… important to whom? Well, i don’t think we should be grateful… i think we should be thankful…

    Definition of grate…
    : a framework of crossed bars
    : to irritate or annoy
    : to sound harshly, to jar

    archaic: to wear down or away by rough friction

    Definition of grating…
    : a fixed frame of bars covering an opening to exclude persons, animals, coarse material or objects while admitting light, air or fine material
    : irritating to ones feelings
    : (of sound) harsh, discordant or rasping

    Grating in the bible: a network of brass in the bottom of the great altar of sacrifice.

    • Thank you you wordsmith Wanda

      • Thank you Digger. It is pretty vile when you take a look at what the word really means. We knew more when we were children than we do now. I think it wise to question all the little memes they put out there for us. Stop and think about what everyone is saying and ask why… why do they have us all thinking and saying the same thing? They plural of why is wise.


        P L E A S E
        We have been taught everything wrong and backwards in order to enslave us… we have had out signals crossed… we have been taught the wrong meanings to the words we speak.

        We have been taught to pray. The more praying we do, the more we get preyed on. Universe, our loving and benevolent creator, is trying to give us what we wish… we are asking wrong… we are crying out prayers… wish granted. If we cry out our pleas, will we not receive please? How much more pleasing is the very word? Backwards and forward… pleas, please… we should be be pleasing… not praying. When you say the word please, you even accidentally make a smile… and you feel lighter too.

        In a world of lies and deceit, of course they would scramble our connection to the divine. Those who wish to harm us hold the secrets to reality creation… but the information is available to all who seek… ask and you shall receive… just say please. We are the divine children of a benevolent creator…

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