Recently a Jew-wise awake girl-friend pointed out to me this particular look in men (in Britain), as the image above. Short, tidy, sweptback hair, with a tight beard and probably in-fashion tattoos on their arms.

It is a pathetic example of how easily people copy through a type of Orwellian Groupthink. This new trendy look has probably been designed in a think thank somewhere. It is all part of the feminization of men, along with the denaturing of society. This is not a natural look and despite the beard, it is not a masculine look. And it also acts as a barometer for these mind-controllers to show how easily we can be manipulated.

As soon as this groupcopy as I call it was pointed out to me, I began to notice it everywhere: in magazines, on TV ‘programmes’, advertising, etc. It’s the new meme and obviously this is an incremental stage for the next planned groupcopy which has been architected for the gaying up of the man. I’m sure like me, once you’re aware of this new look, you will spot it everywhere.


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  1. Interesting observation, in the US we’ve had chinbeards going since the early 90’s. When you see one you can pretty well gauge where he’s at mentally.

    A very useful tool, “Groupcopy”

  2. anon

     /  January 4, 2015

    the low IQ footballer david beckham is used as a front to instigate these fashion styles
    tattoos are self harming and the nancy boy look degrades men totally
    no thanks


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