F*@k the Middle Classes


The middle classes are nothing but watered-down parasites!

[MC = Middle Class    WC = Working Class]


What do the middle classes actually do for society, other than feed off the labour of the people who produce; and act as middlemen for the higher parasites?

They are materialistic, parasitic users. Freeloaders pumped up on their false sense of value. Drunk on materialism and pampered most of their lives by the working classes.

Ask ANY tradesperson if he (or she) has met a genuinely kind wealthy middle class person in his/her whole career; and he/she will have to think a while; and they will probably say something like “Erhh …. well there was that posh woman once who gave me a £5 tip.” But it will be a rare experience. They won’t actually be able to define ONE of these parasites in their whole career who offered them kindness and compassion, who really cared about them. Who went out their way to help them. Because these better people in their ‘nice’ homes, in their ‘nice’ quaint villages and ‘nice’ contemporary properties, with their ‘nice’ lovely driveways, and ‘nice’ cars; care only about themselves and using others to pamper their materialistic selfish obsessions.

Me, me, me; money, money, money; my lifestyle, my lifestyle, my lifestyle; my things, my things, my things; my property, my property, my property; my self interests, my self interests, my self interests.

Serve me, pamper me and wipe my backside, whilst I throw you the crumbs off the table.

These better people will paradoxically flaunt their wealth in your face, whilst pretending they don’t have a lot of money when they need your services. They are experts at fleecing lower people in society, trained from birth; whilst demanding high value for their overrated services.

It doesn’t matter if a WC person injures themselves whilst serving them, as this poor serf can simply be replaced. It will only be a temporary inconvenience to this MC user. In fact, it is an inconvenience that these users even have to pay for their pampering. Their teams of cleaners, gardeners, home maintenance, dog walkers, messieurs, child minders, window cleaners ….ad infinitum.

None of these MC users ever offer financial advice to the working classes either, unless they are trying to weave them into one of their financial scams, say a pension scheme (they are not called schemes for nothing). I mean they will never look at a working class person with a tad of compassion. They can see they are financially struggling, they can see they need a helping hand and these parasites could easily spend a couple of evenings to help that individual set up a financial plan, or even advice them on finances; or even spend some time teaching them how to survive financially. Like offering them a hand up out of the gutter so to speak. Teach a man how to fish, rather than give him a fish principle. Ohh no, that would be traitorous on the MCs.

You have to keep these serfs in their place – down below, in the gutter where they belong. These WC must be grateful for our crumbs. After all, if it wasn’t for us MC, they wouldn’t have any work, damn them.  

Take these overly confident MCs with their loud mouths, out of the equation and the elite’s hold on us will come tumbling down.

I challenge anyone to provide any evidence for the value of MC people to society. In that they offer anything of any substance to which the working classes who actually physically contribute to society can value from. Nobody can; because they are self-serving non-producers. All feeding off the working classes who actually provide and produce; whilst claiming that they are the ones providing the wealth and work due to the trickle down effect.

Plus all of their positions in society is detrimental to a healthy, organic and natural community anyway. They are playing roles which is detrimental in the long run to society: corrupt legal teams; incompetent, hopeless medic ‘experts’ and specialists; pension fund providers – trapping people into the usury/slavery based system; insurance sellers, etc. And on and on we could go. Nothing that we NEED for essentials in a natural environment. Non-producing parasites feeding off of real value, labour, others’ inventions, creativity and contributions to the world. Fleecing the substance of hard working WC people and Mother Earth.


In any survival situation, or where a community would be build up from scratch, lets say in a commune situation – not one single middle class role would be of use – not one! 


All of them would be hopeless and impotent in actually creating the necessary ingredients for that community to function. These people simple would not be able to survive without WC people to parasite off. Only when things were up and running, would these non-contributors be able to weave their way in and begin their parasitic behaviour; suppressing the people who actually built the community; keeping them in there place – to serve and pamper them their whole comfortable lives.

These non-producing MC parasites are nothing but spoilt, narcissistic, deceitful, greedy, pampered, incompetent, non-compassionate, self-serving, materialistic, over-valued, spiritually-void users.


So I say, fuck the middle classes.


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  1. Do I sound bitter? 🙂

    To be fair, I do accept essential surgeons are of use to society. But they really are the only exception to the rule. But even they should not be paid ten times more than say a carpenter who is building houses for society.

  2. WorkingClassNonHero

     /  January 4, 2015

    No, you are not bitter! Every sentence reflects my experience.

    I am a sole-trading, self-employed manual worker. No sick-pay, no paid hols, no £39 breakfast allowances for me (Ian Duncan Smith), no work = no eat, no annual increments, no final-salary pension, no paid sick leave … ad nausea (do I sound bitter/).

    I’ve had MC jobs (local authority and NHS) and associated life-styles. Enjoyed them thank-you-very-much. Thought I was doing ‘good’ for ‘the community’. Now, I know different.

    It’s only when I’ve had to really work for a living that I understood the value of money (i.e. my labour). I have poor, working-poor, MC and millionaire customers. In general, it’s the lower income people who most appreciate my works. Although my MC customers moan about ‘how they’re struggling’, I know it’s simply a matter of having one less holiday in the sun. No sympathy.

    My un-sheepling journey started 4 years ago. I started off as a ‘repeater’ (spreading the FMOTL message), then as a commentator (kept a blog) and then as an activist (one-off local campaign to support a pensioner imprisoned for contempt of court, NO2ID, local We Are Change, etc..).

    Now, I’m sit-on-my-fat-backside because I cannot see a positive way forward as long as the ‘alternative crowd’ can’t gather into one body under a clearly-defined list of understandings (e.g. usury must be removed, direct-democracy to be established, worker-backed-currency, removal of The Crown, … or what you will). Even then it wont be easy to influence the sheeple, because it’ll be the MCs (or as other have said “the intellectuals & artists”) who’ll want to maintain the status quo.

    I follow your writings because you talk a lot of sense. Thank You.

    • Thank you for your kind words of support.

      ‘Finally’ beginning to see through the FMOTL trap. I plan to express this shortly.

      We all have made mistakes along our awakening path. So please don’t feel bad about your previous areas of employment.

      Thank you for commenting.


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