Just around the corner



‘Experts’ have informed us that they have found out that cancer is due to GENETICS!!

Yep, nothing to do with our lifestyles and cellular health.

So now we know why there suddenly is mass levels of ‘genetic’ cancer, we can pour trillions of money to help these geneticists find a much-needed solution.

So please, all you good-hearted gullible fools – send in your hard-earned money to your favourite cancer research charity.

Spend all your spare time raising funds for these corporate charities too.

Because they never seem to have enough money to resource the millions of tortured defenceless animals each year.

Keep funding cancer research.

Keep funding evil.

Because don’t forget, as they keep telling us each decade

the cure is just around the corner.



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  1. “They like to believe there’s a reason. And the real reason in many cases is not because you didn’t behave well or were exposed to some bad environmental influence, it’s just because that person was unlucky. It’s losing the lottery.”

    You might appreciate this young man’s blog (I have been a subscriber for quite some time now):


    So we are just “unlucky” when we get cancers. There isn’t much we can do about it. But the math doesn’t seem to add up when you compare to other countries (to America).

    Chris wrote (regarding luck and cancer):

    Cancer rates in Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and Haiti are less than half that of the United States. So does that mean they are twice as lucky, or that we are twice as unlucky?

  2. Cancer is a biological emergency programme that starts to fix a biological conflict. Once resolved, the cancer will disolve itself through bacteria or fungi, and the body will return to normal. Treating it as a sickness that needs chemical inputs will kill you! Understand the 5 biological laws of nature, and you will never fear disease ever again.
    This key to sickness was discovered in the early 80’es, and has been supressed ever since. Doctors engaging in the biological laws will relentlessly be persecuted and face loss of licence and even prison.


    • Thank you. Although I agree this was discovered in the 80s; however it was probably discovered thousands of years ago through just tackling dis-ease.

      Thank you for your valid contribution.

  3. mike

     /  January 4, 2015

    And all along I thought that SAD (standard american diet) was to blame!.Among other environmental issues.



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