Truth – about Homosexuality


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  1. tommy mccook

     /  January 3, 2015

    Oh, I see…blame it all on Tom! Poor old Tom’s going to get a reputation of being a nasty, homophobic, racist, anti Semite, hate filled bigot. I’ve tried to explain to you before that I’m not homophobic….I just can’t stand poofs.

  2. tommy mccook

     /  January 3, 2015

    Christ, imagine what the pong would be like if you were standing in the middle of that park….

  3. anonymous

     /  January 3, 2015

    This was an excellant article and if i can add a little more.
    The maudsley psychiatric hospital, the worlds leading teaching establishment on psychiatric disorders used to teach homosexuality as a ‘personaity’ disorder, and up until recently you could get help and counseling on the NHS for all personality disorders including sexual, in fact many famous people went to prof joyce mc dougall in particular and were cured of homosexuality.
    The website Zoompad did some great work in exposing the fact that literally thousands of young boys were sodomised by homosexuals, this idea of two men together is very rare its usually man and a boy. The website zoompad also exposed homosexual magazines such as ‘Bumboy’ which often had underage boys in the naked photos.
    The website the coleman experience has many stories of boys used by these men,Freddie Mercury Robin Gibb and george Michael are pop singers who bragged in some cases of having 1000 boys, the UKcolumn claims boys in care homes schools and orphanages have been abused on an ‘industrial scale’
    The deepcut homosexual murders were the tip of the iceberg in the military, Royal mail
    has the worst record in the whole of europe for sexual and racial bullying, all kept quiet by the official secrets act.
    remember that girls do not mature to around age 12 so their genitals cant be used, but their bottoms can, and the homosexual bum rape of kids of both sexes by the homosexual act is said to run into huge figures,
    Finally when a man and a woman lay together its positive and negative,, two of the same sex and the power is not earthed, every black magic ceremony involves homosexual sex which is why jimmy saville used it, because its puts life, the penis into death and decay , the rectum. this is a denial of life and the god force itself.
    In the 1930s lord rothschild chose his apostles from left leaning homosexual perverts
    he told them homosexuality would be the vehicle which communism was brought to the UK
    and this is what we now have, communism and homosexialuty thrust in our faces, they even teach the 2 twisted ideologies side by side to our schoolkids

  4. anon

     /  January 3, 2015

    at one point in my past i used to have to counsel kids got at by adults, 90% or more was teenage boys used by homosexuals.
    The fact is that many men cant build establish or maintain relationships, so 5 minutes in any public toilet with a person of the same sex, happens instead of relationships, this is why some homosexuals will have 100 partners a year, so for the government to waste months taking about homosexual marriage is a joke
    these men dont want marriage they want access to boys, the murders of the 2 high profile rent boys stephen gately and rik clay was to silence what they knew, i think it was boy george has spoken on radio on how horrible life as a rent boy can be, the discussion was printed in disco magazine.
    The government agenda is to promote homosexuality, and to this effect government sponsors gaydays gay marches gay days etc, but whena christian group wanted to hold a family day, london mayor boris johnson got it banned under strict racism rules
    what a fuckin twisted bigot that man is

    • PPight1931

       /  January 8, 2015

      >these men dont want marriage they want access to boys, the murders of the 2 high profile rent boys stephen gately and rik clay was to silence what they knew,<

      That is the very first time ever I have heard anyone claim the late Rik Clay was a rent boy. What is your source? I remember seeing obliquely indicated in the press after his death that he was a homosexual, but such of his background as I came across in skimming his Sion/Zion London Olympics 2012 symbolismy pieces didn't suggest he was 'on the meat rack'.

      He did appear on Red Ice Creations of course.

      Although I did not follow the story closely, I never felt a clear explanation for his death had appeared, and finding the site below now, I am not sure this is a cogent explanation:

      "Sadly for all of us, the sheer speed and intensity of the research eventually caused him to experience a sudden internal episode which stripped away his bounding energy and insight. A day less than 11 weeks later, on 28th August 2008, at the age of 26, Rik ended his own life in Ilkley. "

  5. The pdf is a powerful read.

  6. Matthew/Boston

     /  January 3, 2015

    I only had time for the second link – the list of Jewish activists.

    It must be obvious to anyone who looks into it. Jews are truly subversives and destroyers.

    • Sadly within the higher ranks and collective meme, this seems to be the case.

      Thank you for commenting Matthew.

  7. Just about every apple in the barrel is turning rotten now – few adults or children are completely morally untainted anywhere in the world by education, environment, religious practices, poverty, media or war. The list of filthy methods is endless. But all down to jew brainwashing, indecency and control. Thank you for highlighting this article.

  8. anon

     /  January 8, 2015


    Last weeks archant local Weekly News on page 4 had an item called
    “Film to be made to tackle Homophobia”
    ( 1 ) The Deepcut Barracks murders were about Homosexual bullying of young boy recruits

    ( 2 ) The Franklyn Case was a nationwide enquiry in the USA which went right up to the White House on the Homosexual abuse of young boys’
    ( 3 ) Tim Field Bullyonline and the Andrea Adams trust looked into Royal Mail homosexual bullying
    and identified 3 categories racial, sexual and homosexual bullying by Homosexual managers of heteros, this was seen as so serious that the MP Henry Bellingham courageously spoke about this managerial bullying on TV parliamentary question time, Royal mail was subsequently branded the worst employer for bullying in these 3 categories in the whole of Europe.

    ( 4 ) In recent years we have seen Homosexual abuse scandals in the Catholc Church the C of E, Evangelicals Jehovah Witneses and even the Spiritualists, the TV programme UKColumn described it as ‘abuse of young lads on an industrial scale’

    The Bible describes quite clearly that Homosexuality is wrong.
    ( 5 ) The BBC sacked the populat cunjuror Paul Danials as he was quote ” seen as too heterosexual ” and replaced him with homosexual Darren Brown, other TV presenters and comics were replaced by the BBC pro homosexual policy,
    this influenced such things as the investigation into the Jimmy saville affair where the abuse of boys was airbrushed out of the enquiry. The BBC has become notorious in its soaps where Heterosexuals are shown in a worse light than Homosexuals, Walt Disney in its childrens cartoons have been censored for pro-homosexual subliminals.
    ( 6 ) The Nene report on the period when Margearte Hodge was in charge as childrens minister
    exposed the fact that at 16 London care homes, young boys were being rented out to homosexuals.

    ( 7 ) Both homosexual killers Sydney Cooke and Dennis Nilsen have both said they asked for professional help and got none, the very word Homophobia, means fear of homosexuals, and most young boys fear them with good reason.

    The famous Maudsley Psychiatric Hospital helped hundreds of people who with sexual anomolies, the psychiatrist Joyce Mc Dougall specialised in sexual problems and in counseling and re-orienting homosexual offenders, but when all the mental hospitals were closed and the inmates cast out, cost savings also meant that help for homosexuals was no longer available.

    (8) Children as young as 5 in some schools are now being educated in seeing homosexuality as pleasant and normal, this is called Social Engineering.

    Under pressure from the New Labour administration, it was made a criminal offence for any psychologist or psychiatrist counsellor etc working in the NHS to waste time on what was said to be a homosexual behavioural or personality disorder.

    The whole point is that homosexuals should be understood helped and know there are people they can turn to, militant attack articles like this do nothing for their cause, they are narrow and Heterophobic and for 2% of the population they have a very loud voice, the film shuld be there to help all sexualities not just homosexuals


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