This video says it all

These stupid subservient idiots deserve their own slavery. These people are dangerous to society. The sad thing is that they affect all of us. And that they actually think they are free.

Nobody has authority over another human being, unless that individual freely gives that person authority over them. 



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  1. Good grief! This has to be the effect of all that fluoride dumbing down their brains. But maybe it’s the answer – we’ve all got to wear neat little navy trousers and jackets, white shirts and navy peaked hats and carry a rolled up newspaper. Then I just wonder whether the sheepublic would take a different attitude to the truth?

    • Good point SG!

      Just spoke to a young lad who is very intelligent. He has a degree in technology and wants to go into the military, even though he apparently knows all about the NWO!! When I queried his incongruence, he said “Yea war is a dirty business – BUT I NEED THE MONEY

      There you go. That’s the mindset/spell we are up against. SELF INTERESTS – SELF INTERESTS – SELF INTERESTS.


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