Candle to candle


“Passing on the Truth, is really sharing and expanding the Light.

We are candles of light amongst boxes of unlit candles. Millions upon millions of potential Light.

When we share our flame to the next unlit candle, that candle is equally lit up; it isn’t half lit and watered-down Truth, it is equally lit. And in turn that candle that you light, will go on to light another unlit candle; and that candle too will be equally lit – not half lit. And on it goes.

And of course one candle will eventually burn to the end of it’s time – no more life, no more light. But the light will continue, because it has shared its light throughout its duration. And on and on this light transfer goes.

Collective, accumulative light too. 

On one level this is our potential and this is the simplicity of sharing Truth.

Let’s keep lighting candles – keep spreading the Truth.

Helping Light to overcome the darkness

~ Digger


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