Book Recommendation



By Benton. L. Bradbury.

All I can say is this book has to be in your Truth library. This book along with Hellstorm The Death of nazi Germany by Thomas Goodrich. These two books alone will give you a comprehensive overview of what really went on in World War 1 and 2.

The Myth of German Villainy is an easy read, because it resonates with pure Truth. If you are new to the Truth community, this book will slap you around the face so hard it will knock you to the ground. But when you get up off the floor; you will be grateful for this harsh wake up call. Because it will invert everything you have been ‘conditioned’ to believe about the World Wars and the German people. It will turn you your beliefs inside out and upside down.

If you can afford to buy two copies I would do. One for your personal library and one to lend out to trusted friends.

It is essential we start to collate books of this quality for prosperity. When/if the internet becomes totally usurped and polluted to a BBC/CNN type format; we will need this Truth for future generations and those willing to hear the Truth.

Quotes from this incredible book:

Any two men will agree that if one man forces another man into slavery by threat of violence or death, the enslaved man has no moral obligation to remain a slave. Anyone would agree that as soon as the enslaved man has the power or the means of escaping his enslavement, he has a moral right to do so.”

“It is also a cultural characteristic of Jews to wildly exaggerate their troubles and woes ad protest loudly and melodramatically, any slight, either real or imagined, against them. They even have a word for it – kvetching.”


A general note on book reading

As much as would encourage the Truth community to read qualitative books such as these; I can also see a danger element. As I have expressed before, many people who wake up, never seem to get beyond just browsing endless hours of videos and spend all their time as spectators. We have to get beyond this. Therefore reading books could be just another diversion. An alternative to watching hundreds of hours of youtube videos. Another form of procrastinating, and not doing anything to wake up new blood. We must be very careful we don’t just slip into bookworm mode. We will not beat this beast by cosy reading under the duvet. Of course we need to be educated on the Truth, but just being a bookworm will not bring about our peace, it will only help to bring on tyranny.


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