25 Points of Hitler’s National Socialist Party


Source: The Myth of German Villainy by Benton Bradberry


1/. The unity of all German-speaking peoples in one country.

2/. The abolition of the Treaty of Versailles.

3/. Land and colonies to feed Germany’s population (Lebensraum).

4/. Only Germans can be citizens. No Jew can be a German citizen. 

5/. People in Germany who are not citizens, i.e., Jews, must obey special laws for foreigners.

6/. Only German citizens can vote, be employed or hold public office.

7/. Citizens, i.e., ethnic Germans, are entitled to a job and a decent standard of living. If this cannot be achieved, foreigners (with no rights as citizens) should be expelled.

8/. No further immigration of non-Germans must be allowed. All non-German foreigners (which included the Jews) who have come to Germany since 1914 must be expelled.

9/. All citizens have equal rights and duties.

10/. The first duty of a citizen is to work. 

11/. All payments to unemployed people should end.

12/. All profits made by profiteers during the war must be confiscated (a swipe at the Jews).

13/. Nationalization of trusts. (meaning, the big corporations)

14/. Large companies must institute profit sharing plans with their employees.

15/. Old age pensions must be increased.

16/. Public help for small business; large department stores must be closed down (another swipe at the Jews).

17/. Property reform to give small farmers their land.

18/. An all-out battle against criminals, profiteers, etc., who must be punished by death.

19/. Reform of the law to make it more German.

20/. Improve education so that all Germans can get a job. 

21/. Improve people’s health by making a law for people to participate in sports. 

22/. Abolition of the professional Army, and a new People’s Army in its place.

23/. German newspapers must be free of foreign (Jewish) influence.

24/. Freedom of religion.

25/. Strong central government with unrestricted authority. 


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