RIP Anthony

Don’t mourn the dead, mourn the new born.


Thank you Sir Anthony for all the sterling and selfless work you have done on behalf of the Truth. You are in a safe place now. Respect for all your amazing work.

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stimulants vs self-discipline

apathy vs effort

self-serving interests vs altruism

pleasure seeking vs meaningful cause

political correctness vs reality

groupthink vs common sense

decadence vs modest living 

newspeak vs traditional values

acceptance of tyranny vs rejection of tyranny

sellout vs dissident

cowardliness vs bravery

the easy life vs hassle from authority

hedonism vs spiritual values

judaism vs nature

progressiveness vs moral living

trivial entertainment vs the bigger picture 

fashion vs modesty

depravity vs self worth

short term comforts vs inconvenience

spectator vs actively resisting

social norms vs social ethics

the individual vs the community

traitor vs activist

acquiescence vs survival 

artificial reality vs Truth

procrastination vs fighting back



It’s all a spiritual choice, our spiritual opportunity



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Two Types

Divided Souls

Truth deniers

Just look at these typical comments you get back from idiots denying the Truth. You feel like just smiling at these damaged repeaters. What will these repeaters not repeat(?) Locked in fear to dare look outside of the box, outside of what the authorities and their magic box in the corner of their living room tells them to think and repeat. These are dangerous members of society. Sadly these clowns make up the majority of those around us.

Wendy Siewert

YOU are so delusional it’s beyond frightening! Have you ever watched documentaries on the Holocaust? Latest OWN (Oprah) about Auschwitz? She speaks with Survivor Elie Wiesel, who is a well-known Author and teacher. They walk through the DEATH camp and recalls the years he spent there. Mother and little sister, did not go swimming. They were stripped of their clothes and marched into a Gas chamber to their deaths. Perhaps you need to take a ‘pilgrimage” to Auschwitz and view the very place MILLIONS of innocent people were led to their death. Thousands upon thousands of ‘baby’ shoes behind protective glass, TONS of human hair that was shaved from their heads (to sell to make fabric during the war) piles upon piles of suitcases with peoples names painted on them (were told they would get their personal items returned) All emptied of their belongings/valuables. The list of horrors goes on and on. Nothing you could say to defend yourself would ever make ANY sense. You are part of the very evil that continues to exist in this world. You are no better than the Monster Hitler himself.

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Is this page a joke? Does someone actually believe Hitler was anything but a mass murder? Giving you the benefit of the doubt that Hitler had no intentions of killing Jews HE DID ANYWAY!!!! How can you seriously think he wasn’t trying to wipe out an entire race? So I guess he had no intentions of killing all the women and children that were no use to him. I can’t believe I wasted my time reading this and you wasted your time on writing it. This page is a disgrace to the human race. Your logic is twisted. So a man had no intention of killing his wife but did. He should get off serving no jail time? Or a man drinking and driving kills a family of 5. He didn’t mean to. Those weren’t his intentions. So he should walk? There is nothing nice to say about Hitler other than thank God he is dead!!!!!!

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6 million of the 10 Million Jews died in World War 2. Do you think they just disappeared? Upped and died? Do not fool yourself with insane delusions.

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Bullshitty, Bullshit. Number 3: Anyone who has been to Auschwitz will easily understand that that is not humane conditions. Barracks meant for 50 were filled with 300 barely clothed Men or Women.

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Truth Spell


“The Jews have cast a spell over most people who stumble across the Truth. 

They have somehow magically ensured most people become incapable of resisting. 

Despite most people’s well-intended talk, they are locked up in fear-based procrastination. 

It really is quite incredible how people who are ‘in the know’, with huge amounts of potential, knowledge and skill sets, have allowed themselves to let the years roll by and do practically nothing to stop this tyranny. 

Pathetic, whimpering individuals who can only observe the drama and bicker amongst themselves. 

Without hesitation they will indulge in social get-togethers to have a good ol moan, have a social drink, have a laugh; but anything involving activism, anything risqué or meaningful which entails actually getting things done to stop this tyranny and making effort with personal inconvenience – forget it. 

Pleasure seeking, stimulants and short term comforts wins every single time.

Doing nothing other than reading endless books, watching entertaining videos, reading articles, moaning amongst ourselves at social meet ups – these are all just ways of engaging in fear-based procrastination. Putting off doing tangible, constructive forms of activism……fighting back

We make our choice – we put up with personal inconvenience and make the effort now; or we fall for convenience and comforts, which will guarantee immeasurable suffering in the near future. 

That is our personal and collective spiritual choice.”

~ Digger

Topham Remains Self-Represented as Trial Approaches

Topham Remains Self-Represented as Trial Approaches
Jeremy Maddock
Quesnel-based publisher, Arthur Topham, continues to struggle valiantly for the right to publish historical and political material on his website, He stands charged with “willful promotion of hatred,” contrary to section 319(2) of the Criminal Code. If convicted, Mr. Topham faces up to two years in prison for simply republishing a variety of books and articles which are freely and legally available on dozens if not hundreds of other websites.
A two-week jury trial is now scheduled to begin on October 26, 2015. Before trial, Mr. Topham intends to make a number of constitutional arguments regarding the overbreadth of hate speech laws in the context of the internet, and particularly in circumstances where the allegedly “hateful” material is already broadly available to Canadians.
Prosecution of the mere republication and discussion of widely-available literature is not rationally connected to any pressing and substantial objective of “removing” hatred or “protecting” minority groups. The only possible purpose of such a prosecution is to punish political dissent. On that basis alone, criminalizing the republication and discussion of widely-accessible material goes far beyond the narrow basis upon which hate speech laws were upheld in R. v. Keegstra.
Mr. Topham’s case presents a valuable opportunity to re-establish constitutional protection for freedom of expression, but doing so will involve several days of complex constitutional argument, a task which Topham cannot undertake on a self-represented basis. As of January 2015, Topham remains without counsel, having been denied legal aid coverage in 2012 and denied an order for court-appointed counsel in 2013. Despite the significant public importance of the constitutional issues at hand, Topham finds himself in the all-too-common situation of having slightly too much income to qualify for legal aid, yet far too little money to retain legal counsel.
Canada’s judges and legal scholars have nothing but strong words about the importance of access to justice and the need to ensure that everybody gets a fair trial. Yet, in what could be one of the most important free speech cases in a generation, our legal system refuses to dedicate any resources whatsoever to the defence. In the case of the transcript of the preliminary inquiry, for example, the Crown ordered a copy for itself but refused to furnish Mr. Topham with a copy, forcing a self-represented and impoverished accused to incur a substantial disbursement in hopes of staying out of jail.
Generally speaking, there is something very wrong with access to justice in this country. When the Christian-themed Trinity Western University proposes a law school based on “willingly respond(ing) to the world’s most profound needs” through “service-oriented citizenship,” the Law Society prohibits it in the name of the “public interest.” When an impoverished individual attempts to defend himself against a lengthy prison term, our legal system spends tens of thousands of dollars prosecuting him but cannot spare the cost of a defence lawyer, or even of a $400 transcript. Yet, if a graduate of Trinity Western were prepared to defend Mr. Topham in court, he or she would be legally disqualified from doing so, essentially for having religious beliefs which are not agreeable to the Law Society.
Because of the poor state of access to justice in this country, Mr. Topham’s defence is entirely dependent on private donations. Without significant financial assistance in the near future, he will not be able to take advantage of a unique opportunity to enhance and clarify the free speech rights of all Canadians.
Mr. Topham can be contacted through his website at, by email at, or by mail at the following address:
4633 Barkerville Hwy
Quesnel, BC  V2J 6T8
Jeremy Maddock was Doug Christie’s former legal assistant. He is currently studying law in Victoria, B.C. This article was first published in the Friends of Freedom Newsletter. Mr. Maddock can be reached at: Jeremy

~ The End ~


Freedom of Speech comes with a cost
If you feel you can help out with this vital issue of preventing Internet censorship here in Canada then please 
send any donation possible (either certified cheque, cash or Money Order) to:
Arthur Topham
4633 Barkerville Highway
Quesnel, B.C. Canada
V2J 6T8
I am set up with a PayPal account at ( at the top right corner of my home page and also at the following blog url:  
You can use either a credit card or your PayPal account to make a donation.
Please consider helping me to help you and all Canadians who value their Charter rights to freedom of speech on the Internet.


Free Truthing

Dr Sizer, who is a prominent campaigner against Israeli policy in Palestine, insisted that even though he strongly disagreed with many of the things others said, he was there as an “ambassador for reconciliation”

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Let them keep posting articles about this Truth. It’s great Truthing for us. The more and more the ‘normal’s in society start reading about a connection between israel and 9-11 and questions about the holofraud.

Well done Stephen. Keep speaking the Truth.


Jewish child abuse down under


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Another horrific child sex abuse scandal unfolds Down Under…

As America begins gestating its high-profile child sex scandal featuring billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his friends, already similarities are appearing in the two cases. Epstein’s good friend and associate, prominent criminal lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, is accused of fiddling with not only Epstein’s pedophile case, but with many others according to reports, as well as taking advantage of some of Epstein’s under-aged female subjects. If true, this is 360º corruption on the part of Dershowitz. Epstein and Dershowitz have one thing in common it seems – their services are available to anyone who can afford them.

Many believe that the exact same scenario may be unfolding in Melbourne, Australia…

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Fleeced off of

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