One Crime



One of my pastimes, and method of temporary escapism from this insanity, is to hike. Often when I’m out hiking, when I reach a high level point, looking panoramically down upon a town; I often think to myself – all those people UNNECESSARILY  worrying about money. Bills which have already been paid through utility companies double-dipping (through your bond – see FMOTL page). Especially when Tezlar discovered free energy over 100 years ago and this knowledge has been deliberately suppressed.


Social Viruses


Viruses we all have allowed to creep into our lives, due to the relentless enforced judaic doctrine upon our societies.

Initially I had titled this post: Dis-eases in Modern Society; but then I realised that these diseases/viruses have always been within society, and have been spoken about in the Vedic traditions. It’s just that they have reached epic proportions now; thanks to talmudic influences foisted upon us by International Jewry.


Christian values

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For most brainwashed repeaters out there, they will say this act is disgraceful to the Jewish community and disrespectful to region. Of course these people expressing this sort of rhetoric, coming from a place of ignorance (without knowledge) are unknowingly protecting their oppressors. They do not know that this symbol is representative of upside down donkeys’ penises (honestly, this is not a crude joke). That this is a major symbol of a destructive satanic cult which is utterly enslaving them and destroying their lives. The ideology behind this symbol is responsible for 99%, if not all of these people problems. Yet these oppressed slaves will always protect their enslavers, whilst attacking those who dare to warn them of about their oppressors. Insanity is not even the word to describe this.

Red Mist


“Unfortunately I cannot see much levels of anger out there in society.

I mean real outrage at what is happening to us.

We are being fleeced, raped, degraded and destroyed by International Jewry, whilst being mocked by them

– and nobody seems to REALLY care.

Yes, many are moaning, making the odd complaint, expressing their shock, tut tuting, and even chuckling at the insanity.

But I cannot see tangible levels of seething anger. 

I would suggest, unless we collectively get to that red mist level of complete outrage; there will be no immediate remedy to this onslaught on humanity.”

~ Digger


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Article by Andrew Harrington Hitchcock

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“In George Orwell’s 1984, people are controlled by inflicting pain; in Huxley’s Brave New World, they are controlled by inflicting pleasure. In short, Orwell feared what we hate will ruin us; Huxley feared what we love will ruin us.”

— Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves To Death, 1985



That should be our mantra. 

Because that’s the bottom line now.

No middle ground.

By not resisting; one is indirectly assisting.

All a choice.”

~ Digger


“This judaified world is predominantly made up of:

1/. Self-serving repeater IDIOTS

2/. Self-serving sellout TRAITORS

3/. Self-serving, ill-disciplined COWARDS

What these three groups all have in common; is their priority of short term sensory comforts

and myopic SELF INTERESTS.”