Under the Knife


I am sure there are a lot of people who when watching this video, can sympathise with Stan. Because they either have gone through similar treatment from the medical mafia, or have directly experienced this butchery done to loved ones. These mind controlled maniacs are all looked up to in society – and rewarded. These ‘specialists’ and medical ‘experts’ all have relatively comfortable lifestyles……whilst those around them suffer.


And to think of the hundreds of thousands of excellent natural health practitioners who are financially struggling. People who are perfectly capable of dealing with the root cause/s of many of these illness.


I used to say that that we can go to these allopathic doctors at least for a diagnosis. Then once you have the diagnosis, treat it with natural health. But now, I don’t even trust their diagnosis. I don’t even feel comfortable with their diagnosis tools, as I believe they are detrimental to health. I feel they aggravate the problem.


Just look at how they compartmentalise health and the body. Third floor for kidneys and ground floor for joint problems and top floor for cancer. Fucking madness, when we know the body works holistically as an orchestra. Anyway it isn’t about the endless symptoms/ailments/conditions; it is about cellular health and our environments, food, energy, physical, emotions. Lifestyle and spiritual essence of our souls. The whole package. Arrrghhh and these professional academics cannot see this!!


My/our empathy goes out to all those people who have gone through this, or a similar medical nightmare. All we can do is expose this compartmentalised insanity. All we can do is try our best to get the Truth out there.

Our distant collective healing goes out to Stan and all you medical victims.



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  1. Where has Digger gone to I wonder?
    This isn’t his style of writing is it.
    …I do not recall him swearing 3months before now, do you?

    • You haven’t read my stuff then. I have always sworn. I probably will continue to. If you are such a wall flower that you are more concerned about a swear word rather than the energy, spirit and good intent behind the swear word; then you best just slip back into the crowd with all those in the matrix and just get on with doing nothing and being a polite spectator. Some of us are deadly serious about this battle and have devoted our lives to the Truth, to this gritty fight.

      What tangible things have you done this week Adchet to resist this tyranny? What tangible things have you done this week to get the Truth out to new blood? Or have you just been hanging around forums and blogs leaving unhelpful, time wasting comments? Only you will be able to answer this.


  2. Mike

     /  January 1, 2015

    My philosophy is “if you want to stay healthy, stay away from doctors”.
    The trick the NHS played by saying this man stole from the NHS is commonly used by intel and it;s called “dead agenting”.
    I’ve seen many cases of medical negligence claims which go on for years and in many cases the person grows old and dies before any money can be claimed.

    • Thanks Mike, more of the sickness, more of the corruption. And to think, like all of this corruption, it is carried out by 90% of self-serving Gentiles. All ‘just doing their job’. Serving one thing only – their SELF INTERESTS…..their money, kudos (ego) and false securities. Traitors of the people, traitors of humanity.

      Thanks for commenting.


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