Tug of Truth


The battle we have on our hands is quite simple to explain – a tug of war between International jewry and those of us who are Jew-wise. With a mass group of hypnotised sheople being pulled in-between. 

International jewry is desperately trying to hang on to this mass, by keeping them under their talmudic spell; and those of us who know the game and are doing everything within our capabilities to assist the Truth. Both opposing sides are trying to win over the minds of this middle ground mass. One advantage we have, is that once people have snapped out of their coma, they will never go back to their matrix mindset.

And this is the eternal battle – battle of the mass minds.

The bulk of the these people in the middle ground are the tools and lifeline for International Jewry to parasite off. And all these people (at present) in their mind-controlled state are the biggest hinderance to peace; but at the same time, our biggest potential to peace.

It is this fight for the minds of these middle-grounders: our family, our long-term friends, our dear colleagues, our kind neighbours and all the ‘normal’ members of this sick society who have allowed themselves to become mind controlled. Allowed themselves to be used as their own worst enemy on behalf of these Babylonian cult members. You couldn’t write this in a fictional book, it would be so unbelievable. But sadly this is the harsh Truth.



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  1. It is so sad but true

    • Well – sad at present Frank; because the damage has been done.

      BUT …….any damage can be repaired. Like an dilapidated building, sunken boat, rotten teeth, whatever. Anything can be repaired and fully restored – IF THE WILL IS THERE. We are a broken, sick society [AT PRESENT]. But it is all temporary. I promise you. I am carpenter and I have worked on projects which have been completely turned around. I have also observed in spiritual circles the radical positive transformation in people’s character and self worth. We CAN change, we CAN repair. And we CAN have that collective self worth, providing we fill that spiritual void.

      Once we collectively get beyond just saying “I’ve woke up” and go on to the next gear/stage and brave up and rise up. Things will radically, exponentially shift. A new infectious consciousness will happen. This is not just fickle hope and nice-sounding motivational words. This is all real potential.

      We have to just will it with all our hearts. We have to put this energy and real intent out there. This is beyond just positive thinking. Once we truly ‘get it’ that we are in a spiritual war, an energetic war – then that’s it. It’s the begining of the end of our collective suffering.

      Bottom line – we have to put every single cell of our body towards ALTRUISM and lean as far away as possible from our SELF INTERESTS. That’s it! Tis that simple. A spiritual approach. A spiritual mindset. A spiritual solution.

      Thank you for contributing.

  2. Kalira

     /  November 14, 2015

    Great post. First I read a polish translation on wolna-polska.pl But now I will check your blog 🙂 Good to see that more ppl are fighting for the truth. 🙂 Although fucking secret services who are a pain in the ass in my country for ppl like me :/ They are like the army that guards the truth so as little ppl as possible get to know it. But we should stay strong and help others, there are times that it comes back when you really need it. I will leave fake mail adress, anyway they read everything thanks to Ech.elon and lists of ppl they have.


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