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Sent with thanks from Tom

The following sent with thanks from John Kaminski

Male Circumcision Alters the Brains of Its Victims,


Those males that don’t have foreskins have brains that are not maturing the way nature intended . . .

Men without foreskins cannot bond to women and will not sacrifice themselves for women the way that men with foreskins will do. Period. Men with foreskins with bond with women from the vaginal secretions triggering a reaction within the sensory apparatus of the male foreskin that triggers a growth pattern within the male mind that will not exist without it. These men will bond with women in a way that men without foreskins will not.


Sent with thanks from John Kaminski

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  1. knowtoomuch

     /  December 28, 2014

    You DON’T want to miss the JewTube below ; just look from 1:00min to 6min10 ; the rest of it isn’t interesting.

    It’s about a jewess who’s clearly psychologically totally f*cked up, but she’s speaking (very) true words anyway at the “Yad Vashem Holoco$t Museum” in Jerusalem.
    She represents the Holocaust, speaks on behalf of it, as if she embodied it herself :

    Another thing ; Eric Hunt recently brought out a documentary on Majdanek ( 1h22 min ) ; perhaps you’ve already seen it, but just to make sure :


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