Red Mist


“Unfortunately I cannot see much levels of anger out there in society.

I mean real outrage at what is happening to us.

We are being fleeced, raped, degraded and destroyed by International Jewry, whilst being mocked by them

– and nobody seems to REALLY care.

Yes, many are moaning, making the odd complaint, expressing their shock, tut tuting, and even chuckling at the insanity.

But I cannot see tangible levels of seething anger. 

I would suggest, unless we collectively get to that red mist level of complete outrage; there will be no immediate remedy to this onslaught on humanity.”

~ Digger


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  1. vanessa

     /  December 28, 2014

    Well said! We’ve been programmed by them for too long to turn the other cheek, or love our enemies, or love everyone.
    Sacred Fucking Anger is what is required – they’ve told us it’s unhealthy to feel anger, it’s a bad thing. Well guess what, everything is a lie so being collectively angry is obviuosly what scares them the most. Why else the individualisation of 11 years of education, it’s divide and conquer.
    We could drown them in our piss.
    Sacred fucking piss that we’ve ritualised like they’ve done with the express purpose of ending their beloved bloodlines.
    Use some sigils in the meantime, fight their cabal ‘magic’ with some simple magic of symbology and words and subliminals
    And boycott everything Israel including jewish run mainstream media, hollywood and all televsion!!! Hit them where it hurts, money!


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