One Crime



One of my pastimes, and method of temporary escapism from this insanity, is to hike. Often when I’m out hiking, when I reach a high level point, looking panoramically down upon a town; I often think to myself – all those people UNNECESSARILY  worrying about money. Bills which have already been paid through utility companies double-dipping (through your bond – see FMOTL page). Especially when Tezlar discovered free energy over 100 years ago and this knowledge has been deliberately suppressed.


All those people worrying about ever-increasing interest rates, which through jewish usury is designed to strangle us and take all of our property/estate. All those people anxious about just trying to heat themselves, concerned whether they can afford water services, and just to have a roof over their head.  All these are inalienable rights.

All this unnecessary worry is wrong. And I would say out of all the plethora of of crimes carried out by International Jewry; the one crime they are guilty of is creating unnecessary worry.

Unnecessary artificial unnatural anxiety. Unnecessary fear of lack of money to pay their numeral scams. Unnecessary worry about medical conditions, created by their unnatural environments and de-natured foods; then followed up unnecessary unnatural medication and inept medical procedures to worsen the conditions.


All of the fear, worry, anxiety, stress. All ENERGY for these energy vampires.


For that crime alone – they are guilty


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