Quick review of the book HATEMAIL by Solo Alzenbery (not sure what origin he is from??)

Recently I was lent a copy of this book HATEMAIL (written in big bold red print on top of a black background). My word, it is quite incredible the hubris of these people. The book is presented to unknowing non-Jew-wise public as endless examples of anti-semitism in picture postcard form from around the world.

The forward from this book is quite unbelievable.  Both that they have the chutzpah to describe the quantity of anti-semitism as unwarranted irrational hatred of Jews; but also how most ignorant people will swallow this self-pity.

The author conveniently equates these postcards to the modern day vitriolic hatred increasingly expressed as e-mails, texts and blogs (such as this). He divides the postcards into various categories such as:

  • Main stereotypes and Canards
  • Islamic Anti-semitism
  • Postcards from France, Germany, Great Britain, etc
  • Nazi-Era Postcards
  • Postcards of resorts and hotels which used to ban jews from their premises.

All these titles are highlighting the ubiquitous finger-pointing at the Jewish character. And this is reinforced by the author pointing out that these pictorial slurs on Jews and jewishness are from millions of ordinary/regular people, from all corners of the globe, stretching across many generations.

Well, well, well – what a coincidence. All of these people, from all walks of life, just happen to recognise similar characteristics of Jewish behaviour and are expressing it. Highlighting the jewish money scams, their deception and their general anti-Gentile, anti-nature character. Global recognition and dislike of the jew. Now isn’t that strange.

Let us see if we can observe a common denominator here. Let us see if we can ask a glaringly obvious question …………


WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY????????????????


There are a lot of psych-analysts in the Jewish community. Perhaps they can help us with this conundrum. Perhaps they may be able to self-reflect (ha) and give us an answer about this strange phenomena (coincidence).  Of course it will be nothing to do with the character of these poor victims; oh no, in every case it will be be the irrational, arbitrary, unwarranted hatred from delusional hate-filled Gentiles. More unjustified persecutions from host nations they have resided in.

I would try and get a copy of this book without having to buy it directly from source, so as not to put more money in these people’s pockets. Perhaps order it through a library, or second hand book store. But it really is a fascinating pictorial observation of ordinary peoples’ organic response to the nature of Jewish traits.



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  1. BMan

     /  December 28, 2014

    It’s never them, Digs. They are all innocent of any wrong-doing.

    Its the opposite, really.

    They do so much good for the world (especially for the ungrateful, hateful, thuggish gentiles) but we are all so jealous of them to the point of being thankless and scornful towards their magnanimous ways, that we draw cartoons and literature of every sort (including blog posts) describing our irrational, make-believe fantasies about them being scumbag parasites.

    Any discouraging critique calls for the tired old canard, “Anti-Semite”.

    Thankfully, the misdirectional shriek no longer holds any power.

    • Thank you B’Man. The shriek “Anti-Semite” no longer holds any power, thankfully to the likes of you and all your relentless effort to propagate the Truth.

      Thank you for commenting.

  2. What positive reason would anyone want to be jewish? It is a matter of choice.


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